The Inspiration Behind James

Earlier this year I was determined to find the perfect guy. I discovered an app called BLK, which was marketed as Tinder for black people. I downloaded the app and set my standards- must have a job, must be in early 30's, must be taller than me, must have no kids. I was excited to… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind James

My Life Be Like

TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3

Hey You, It's me again... I know I keep on walking out the door. Returning when I've gotten over everything you've done to hurt me. Yeah, I know I hurt you too but it was only because my heart couldn't take being broken in two so I did everything in my power to hurt you… Continue reading TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3

My Life Be Like

The She Series: “AREA CODES”

NEW YEAR STILL SHE... Happy 2019 to you all!! I hope you've entered the year with a positive mindset and the motivation to continue to better yourself and reach those goals. Today I'm bringing you another poem from my book, The Diary of She, called 'AREA CODES' I stopped answering his calls. I no longer… Continue reading The She Series: “AREA CODES”

My Life Be Like

The Aftermath of Being Ghosted

Have you ever connected with someone? Not just on a physical level, I’m talking about talking (meh I’ll say texting) 24/7. Like it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t irritate you, but to a point where not being in contact with them feels as though something is missing. You already most likely have trust issues with… Continue reading The Aftermath of Being Ghosted


If it Isn’t Facebook Official, is it real? Questions in 2016

Hey everyone! I always said that I would delete all my social medias once I got into a serious relationship. I haven't done so, because the field I work in requires social media. However, I do feel like my life and relationship would be simpler without it. Social media has made us all more aware… Continue reading If it Isn’t Facebook Official, is it real? Questions in 2016