DBC Vol 1: Gang Gang

Welcome back to your lesson: the price is free, but just make sure that you pay close attention. Whenever it comes to money everyone speaks fast and hates repeating themselves, so what makes you think that I’m any different? Every lesson is connected — every single one, no matter what you are told. You don’t … More DBC Vol 1: Gang Gang

Dope Boys Chronicles

For some reason, I’ve noticed that many people that have been around me think that I am rich. Since I’ve been out of the military for about three years, I’ve noticed that people have these assumptions that I’m getting cashed out. Just to clarify, these are not true at all, actually it’s something far from … More Dope Boys Chronicles

Transitioning: The Mind of a Wantrepreneur (Part 2)

  For Those Seeking, Transitioning, or in Full-Blown Entrepreneurship  Step 2: Transitioning  From Lacey: I read this, and like I said I would when I introduced myself to y’all, I went all over the place. And like a 40-inch weave, sis is long! But, to give this post some context. Have a transition plan Save … More Transitioning: The Mind of a Wantrepreneur (Part 2)