20 Nice Things I’ve Done


Hey ya’ll!

I typed this back in 2017, but never posted it. I found it in my emails while looking for something else so decided I might as well share! The last five are new ones I just added. Enjoy and make sure you share your thoughts!


1.Sent someone a care package after they had a serious surgery.
2.Surprised my best friend with a birthday card at her house after she blocked me.
3.Bought my ex 2K a second time after he switched gaming systems.
4.Someone couldn’t afford to pay their PG&E bill so I paid for them a hotel room after they were in the dark for three days.
5.Listened to someone I really liked talk about missing his ex EVERY SINGLE DAY.
6.Surprised my best friend with Adrian Marcel tickets for her birthday.
7.Cleared my schedule to spend time with my best friend’s girlfriend who I had never met, because he had work and didn’t want her to be bored all day.
8.Let someone borrow $400 for rent (never got it back BTW).
9.Took my friend’s shift at work when her cousin (Oscar Grant) passed away.
10.Bought my sister a Summer Jam concert ticket for her birthday.
11.Got my sorority sister soup and water when she was sick while I was on my lunch break.
12.Let multiple people borrow my baby (aka. My laptop).
13.Paid my friend for doing my hair when she didn’t ask me for money.
14.Braided my sister’s hair (it took 8 hours) so she wouldn’t have to pay someone to do it.
15.Got into an argument with someone and still gave them a ride home even though they disrespected me.
16.Picked up a dude I had just started talking to at midnight cause he couldn’t afford an Uber to my house when his car broke down (I had work at 7 AM) AND let him use my AAA to get his car towed.
17.Gave someone spending money for Vegas, because he was broke but still planned a birthday trip.
18. Cooked a meal for a man for his birthday and then left so he could spend time with his friends.
19. Picked up my best friend’s wife and son from the airport at 1 AM when he was sick.
20. Sat with one of my friends for hours and helped her revamp all her social media so she can grow her following and be noticed by modeling agencies.



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