Dope Boys Chronicles

Dope Boy

For some reason, I’ve noticed that many people that have been around me think that I am rich. Since I’ve been out of the military for about three years, I’ve noticed that people have these assumptions that I’m getting cashed out. Just to clarify, these are not true at all, actually it’s something far from it. I’m not currently at the level of financial stability that I want to be at, but I will say that I make sure that I provide. The only way that I’ve been able to do these types of things are a part of the many lessons that I’ve learned over my entire life.

My family is from Oakland and we do not come from money, everything that we currently have, we have built for not just ourselves but for generations. My family has always been extremely important to me and will be until they bury me. My mindset, even as a father and husband, have changed my mentality entirely, which has helped me in being disciplined in my life. I always tell myself or others that I no longer live or work for myself, I do it all for my family. Providing for my family does not simply mean providing for them financially, but teaching them various lessons to grow.

Many of the most important lessons from my life occurred during my years of service in the military. This is simply because it was my actual first time being on my own and having to be around various types of people. Republicans, democrats, homosexuals, transsexuals, racists, geniuses, all different types, from all over the world. Besides the obvious culture shock, there was something important that I was noticing from those around me. Different cultures and people operate financial management differently than many of those I’ve been raised around.

My other lesson was that the way that many of those around me, who were successful in their business or money, was moving in a way that was familiar to me. Keeping a small circle, operating only between their own people, capitalizing on those ignorant, and working the system like a machine. I did my best to learn more about the ways that these people were operating just so that I could confirm my suspicion. These people loved taking me under their wing and teaching me these “new things” that weren’t actually new to me. It made them feel important, secure, and superior no matter their actual intentions. It wasn’t until I had learned everything that they could teach me did I finally confront them and let them know, that all of these successful people were simply moving like Dope Boys.

Yes — Dope Boys, Drug Dealers, Pushers, Street Pharmacists — however you want to call it, was the way that many of these successful people do business. One of the lessons that they taught me in doing business is learning about your target customers. Drug Dealers use this same tactic when they find out which drug is more popular, they try and do their best to acquire it. So, let’s be real, you’re probably thinking, is he a drug dealer? Was he a drug dealer? How does he know all of this information in regards to drug dealers? My response is, I plead the fifth, mind your business and simply soak up this free game that I’ll be putting you on to.

Think about one of the most successful businesses in the world right now and tell me that they are not using drug dealer tactics. Amazon, one of my favorites, are literally acting as drug manufacturers and is one of the largest businesses in the entire world. (Never thought of it like that did you?) Don’t worry my brothers and sisters, I’m here to learn you something to help you see what you already see. I’m going to teach you the ways that the successful move just like criminals in prison. I’ll break each of these tactics down to you in a way that you will be able to understand and apply to anything involving your business or work. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Dope Boy Chronicles: Let’s Push That Work.

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