I Used To Love Her: Part 10- Look In The Mirror (The Finale)

Man crying in the shadows

“What is this Ted?” asked Karen.

“Did you really think I was going to let you move on without me Karen?”

Karen looked around and noticed they were in what seemed like an abandoned house.

“You remember this house Karen? I brought you here when you first met my mom and dad. I thought I was going to marry you.”

“I remember.” said Karen as she finally looked up to noticed a crippled David strapped to a chair in back of her.

“You were the last woman they ever met Karen. I told them you were the one. Right here, in this spot, is where my dad had a heart attack the day I told him we were no longer together. My mom passed away a little bit afterwards. You remember that Karen?”

“Yes.” said Karen.

At this point, Karen didn’t know what had happened, but she discovered Ted was a little more sinister than she thought and she was scared out of her mind. What was Ted’s plan? What was he going to do?

While Karen was lost in being scared, Ted was having flashbacks of his relationship with Karen going all the way back to when they first met.

It was freshman year and he was sitting in the cafeteria. He saw Karen walk in and immediately his breath was taken away.

“Excuse me. Can you stop staring at me?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that?”

From that moment on, their relationship was set. Karen was the one being chased while Ted was the one chasing after Karen. At that point in time though, Karen had eyes for only one person: David. And even though David was with Marley, she still stayed away from dating anyone else in hopes that David would see her as she sees him. Of course, that never happened the way Karen thought, so she hatched this plan.

“Hey Ted. Would you like to hang out some time?” said Karen as she began to lick her lips and stare at Ted.

At this point, Ted was hooked and he definitely wasn’t going to say no. The two dated on and off for points at a time as Karen would pick up Ted whenever she was trying to make David jealous. She would bring Ted to parties where Marley and David would be, purposely grinding on him on the dance floor while trying to gain David’s attention. As far as Ted, he was so far gone over Karen that he never noticed he was being used. Over the years, he continued to take the use from Karen. He would continue to take her back over and over and over again. Each time he would tell Karen that he wasn’t doing this again and each time he was proven a liar. He loved Karen and would do anything for her.

Karen and Ted would continue this path until Karen eventually would leave Ted alone for an extended amount of time and that was around the time Ted’s dad fell dead. At that point, Ted started having Karen withdrawals, driving by her place and even by her parents’ place, in hopes of seeing her and getting his quick fix. Ted even had some of Karen’s panties at his house that he would smell and think of the feelings he had when they had sex.

“What are you doing Ted?” said Karen to Ted as she snapped him out of his trance.

“Well, I’m making sure we are together forever Karen. I’ve taken care of my competition. There was Allen. There was Marlon. And now there will be David.”

“You did this Ted? You killed Allen?”

“It was easy Karen. He already was drinking heavy anyways. All I did was give him some pills and made it seem like he drugged himself to death. He even left the door open.”

“As far as Marlon?”

“Well, I definitely handled him. I actually saved you from him. He was snitching on you to the police. You know what they say about snitches right?”

“Why would you kill them?”

“They were in the way Karen. In the way of our love. I’ve been keeping up with you for a while. I have been following you. I saw Allen in the car with you. Marlon was gonna cause you problems. And David, we all know you loved him and he was the biggest force in the way between me and you. I didn’t see it at first, but after watching you for a while, seeing him living with you, watching all the things you did with this man, he has to go.”

As Ted was spilling the beans to Karen, David began to come to.

“What’s going on?”

“David, it’s about to come to an end for you. You see, you have been in the way of me and Karen for years. I’m just now seeing it. And today, I am going to end it.”

David could not escape at all. His feet were in bad shape and he was tied to a chair. All he could do was sit there and take it.


Ted put a bullet right in the middle of David’s head. And just like that, there was only Karen and Ted.

“So, now that it’s just me and you, what would you like to do?”

“Ted, I don’t want to be with you. No amount of eliminating competition will make that happen. You were just a placeholder for David.”

As Ted heard those words come out of Karen’s mouth, a fire started inside of him that you could see boiling in his eyes. At that point, Ted gave serious thought to killing her right then and there. But instead of doing that, Ted thought of something else and put the safety on the gun.

“Grab this gun Karen.”

“I don’t want to Ted.”

“Well, if you don’t grab it Karen, I take the safety off and I kill you. You want to live or not?”

Karen thought about just letting Ted shoot her. After all the things she had done to make sure here and David were together and the obsessive and insane nature she displayed in order to make that happen, she figured she may not have much more to lose. But after that brief thought, she came back to reality and grabbed the gun. She wasn’t ready to die and she still felt in her heart of hearts that the love Ted had for her would be something she could use to escape his clutches eventually.

Karen let go of the gun and then Ted placed a blindfold on her, untied the ropes that held her to the chair and put some handcuffs on her. As they headed to the car, Ted popped the trunk and put Karen in there.

“Take a nap Karen. We will be where we’re headed to soon enough.”

Ted closed the trunk and Karen proceeded to close her eyes.

A few minutes later, Ted would pull off in the vehicle and whip out his cellphone.

“Yes. That’s where it was when I saw it.” said Ted as he whipped the vehicle through the streets.

Karen was blindfolded and had no idea where she was headed. After about fifteen minutes, the vehicle stopped. Ted got out of the vehicle and headed towards the trunk, where a waiting Karen was there.  As soon as he opened the trunk, Karen tried to kick Ted but the attempt was futile, as she missed. Ted would then put her in the front seat of the vehicle, unlock the handcuffs, strap her in the driver’s seat of his car and then put the handcuffs back on but around the steering wheel. As he took the blindfold off of Karen, all David could do was smile.

“Here’s where we part ways Karen. I used to love you, but you continually showed me you had no love for me. I even gave you one last chance at my parents’ house and you turned that down. Well, you can take the blame for all these murders then. Have a nice life.”

And just like that, he walked away until he disappeared. A few minutes later, Detective Mitchell showed up with backup and he already knew what time it was. Ted had driven the vehicle back to Karen’s place and left her there to wait for the police in handcuffs. And to make things worse for Karen, before the police got to Karen, there laid the body of David in the backseat. Ted had apparently put the body in the backseat at some point between her going in the trunk and the vehicle pulling off.  Detective Mitchell had enough evidence to arrest Karen and the body  in the backseat along with the gun with her fingerprints on it were the icing on the cake.

Karen started this whole thing looking to make David hers, but instead she will never see the light of day because of the love she rejected from Ted. Two obsessed lovers, but one walks free. Ted used to love her, but now that will never be. That love got replaced with payback.





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