DBC Vol 1: Gang Gang


Welcome back to your lesson: the price is free, but just make sure that you pay close attention. Whenever it comes to money everyone speaks fast and hates repeating themselves, so what makes you think that I’m any different? Every lesson is connected — every single one, no matter what you are told.

You don’t have to be a construction worker to be able to answer this question — you’ve learned it your entire life. When it comes to building anything, what is the strongest thing you want to build first? The foundation — and not that bullshit cake batter that females put on their face when they are doing their makeup. A good, strong foundation will hold up to anything, regardless of what is presented.

One thing I learned while being around rich white kids that make moves to make money, is that one of the essential tools they use are connections. Every person they have surrounding them are key figures that put together a larger picture. Connections include access, access grants resources, resources connect to supply, which all tie together to money.

For example, say you want to start selling shirts and you don’t have a legal license or information on how to get access to them. Suddenly, you remember that your friend from high school has a family business in the clothing retail industry, so you call that person up and say that you have potential plans on how to make money. The easiest way to get a conversation with anyone is to tell them that you want to help them make money. These are some of the moves that I would see happen all the time — individuals would just pick up their phones, make a phone call, and plan a meetup. Individuals were running multiple businesses and bringing in several avenues of income simply due to the fact that they knew the right person.

The best way I can translate this type to my fellow African-Americans is by using the tribal mentality that we are naturally composed of. Regardless of the typical stereotype that we sometimes get put into, not all African-Americans have the so-called “crab in a barrel” mindset. We are a tribal people, we love coming together, we love moving together, it’s in our culture and genetic code to find those who look like us and instantly link up.

If you think I’m lying, next time you see a group of brothers walking by each other on the street, watch their natural reaction when they come close to each other. Only recently though have we seen this on a larger scale — it is time for us to come together and make sure that we are each others keeper. The influx of black entrepreneurs is proof that we are tired of doing business with those who do not have our true intentions in their thoughts.

Now let me break this down to my niggas, “GANG GANG”, or “SQAUD” — whichever you want to pick. Linking up and connecting game with each other is the best and safest way to move together. Seeing another person that looks like you shining doesn’t mean that they are doing something illegal, nor does it mean that they have changed up. Sometimes we have issues reaching out to others and admitting when we need help, and that can be one of our greatest weakness.

Treat business just like the block — link-up, stack it, and plot on the takeover.

Not everyone is allowed a plate at the table — shit some people don’t even deserve a seat at the table — they should be forced to stand until they have proved that they deserve that seat. Linking up is a blessing, but remember that not everyone deserves these types of blessings. This concludes your lesson in the Dope Boy Chronicles — stay dangerous and God bless the plug.

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