I want you to stay encouraged you know…

I want you to be the woman of your own dreams. Know that you are the woman for the job. You are the only lady to make your own dreams come true. You are the only person who sees your vision the way that you do.

Stay encouraged because it’s not always easy but it is possible. When you’ve put in all that there is to put in and you start to not see the results you desire. Still stay encouraged.

When you see others around you succeeding in ways that you see yourself succeeding but it just hasn’t happened yet. Stay encouraged.

This time is critical and crucial among many. This is the time for a test to be made to see if you will still hold on and if you are still going to believe in your own dream. A test to push you past your limits. And a test to see if you will choose jealousy over celebration.

Choosing jealousy is a normal feeling but it can be easy to sink into. Shake it off! Because the way you celebrate others is the way that you’re celebrating yourself. The way that you congratulate others in their highest success is the same way that you’re congratulating yourself on your own journey.

When we can celebrate the success of others that’s when we know ours is right around the corner. Only when we are able to celebrate the success of others will we reach our highest level of success.

It’s all a test you see. To see if you still believe. Oh how the universe plays with us, how we play in it. Oh how the universe rewards us, how we reward it. Oh how the universe celebrates us, as we celebrate others in it. Because we are all one so when you win, we all win.

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