Doing It Well

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He thought this was my first rodeo. Boy will he be surprised once this night was done. We had been coworkers for three years and I had watched his every move. He had become a pro at whipping people into shape. Now, it was time for me to experience what he had to offer.  I had always laughed at his advances, but as a newly single mom—I had an itch that he needed to scratch. His name was Quan, he stood 6”5’ with pretty chocolate skin and pearly white teeth to match. His body was one made by God himself and his intelligence was unmatched. As I walked to my next Pilates class, I anticipated how this evening would go. 

Would going out with him even be worth it? I thought to myself. Getting caught up in my thoughts, I refocused back to instructing my normal Tuesday class of PrettyPumpedPilates. 

“Mrs. Duncan, if you don’t feel a burn are you really doing it right?” I asked.

“No, but who really wants to feel a burning sensation anyway,” she said.

“Not like that Mrs. Duncan!” as I shook my head at her play on words. 

I looked at my watch and realized that in just another two hours it would be time. My babysitter was secured. My dress fit perfectly and Lo was doing my makeup so I was good to go. I signaled the end of class and prepared for this date I had long anticipated. I made my way to the staff shower room to wash away my long day. As I walked in, I realized that everyone except Quan was gone for the day. “He’s probably still working with his last client,” I said to myself. Realizing no one was in the jacuzzi, I quickly stripped, grabbed my bath essentials, and headed for it. I wanted to enjoy a nice soak without being interrupted. Slipping my feet into the water I thought to myself, “Now Tia, you know you can’t stay in here too long.” I continued my way to my usual spot and enjoyed the pressure of the jets hitting my back. The water felt amazing on my skin and I relaxed my head back as Jhené Aiko blasted through my AirPods. So engulfed in my own head, I never noticed that Quan had entered the staff room. 

“Can I join you?” as he splashed the water in my face.

Quickly opening my eyes, I looked at him standing there in his boxers. I contemplated the answer and nodded my head yes. 

“Why do women love the water scolding hot” he laughed. 

“Kills the germs” I said jokingly. 

“I’m glad we’ve overcome the awkward naked phase” he said.

“Yeah” I giggled, “You don’t really have a choice with a co-ed staff room.” 

We both giggled and allowed the water to wash away our day. Our laughs soon turned it mutual silence and relaxation. Immersed back into my thoughts and music, I quickly found myself at peace. Yet, I couldn’t ignore this sensation overcoming my body. Everything in me wanted to kiss this chocolate man sharing this space with me. As I dismissed the thought, my girly parts began to plot my betrayal. 

Tia, gather yourself! You haven’t even went on the date yet!, I kept thinking to myself.

As I opened my eyes, I realized that Quan had turned his back to me focused on his branding for the gym. I watched as he louden up his music and posted his latest transformation to his Insta story. He looked so cute in his own zone that he never noticed me making my way to him. My brown skin was enamored with how it would look next to his. I placed my hand on his shoulder while simultaneously wrapping my leg around him. It was now or never…


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