Renowned Cultural Dance Practitioner & Wellness Instructor Jessica Phoenix Signs Partnership With Jaro Media

Renowned fitness instructor Jessica Phoenix has inked a production deal with entertainment conglomerate Jaro Media; bringing her unique brand of fitness, wellness, and cultural dance to the platform. Under the pact, Phoenix will create and host her own fitness channel under her FIYAH production and dance fitness company. In addition to her acclaimed and award winning dance instruction, The FIYAH channel will include access to guest interviews, articles, blogs and specially curated podcast content.

“We are extremely excited to partner with FIYAH and Jessica Phoenix”, Jaro Media CEO Richard DeVaughn said Friday in a statement. “Our goal is to offer an exciting Afro-Caribbean dance and exercise program as we demonstrate our commitment to the health and well-being of the community we serve.”

Jessica Phoenix, who specializes in “Diaspora Dance”, is the founder and director of Fiyah Dancehall Theater and the co-founder of Fiyah Fit, a women’s wellness and fitness brand. The Howard University grad has taught dance and fitness in both the US and internationally including New York and Kingston, Jamaica. She was named a 2013 Dance Jamaica U.S. representative and in 2019 was named Best Instructor by She is also the organizer of the Black Wellness Weekend Virtual Retreat, which will kick off its inaugural event August 22-23.

Jaro Media provides on-demand streaming access to a world of African American and Afrocentric digital media including video, visual arts, books, and music. Jaro’s unique platform integrates social media, customer control, and media access into an innovative user experience.  


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