Letter To A Real Queen



If you read my very first Queen Media Collective blog, you read my little two sentence introduction. If you do not know what I am talking about, obviously you need to back up a few posts to familiarize yourself with me. Matter of fact, if you haven’t read any of my previous blogs, have some respect for my creative boundaries and go read at LEAST two before you read this. Is that fair?

Some of you who do not understand how therapeutic writing is for some of us would not understand this, but like most of what I’ve given in content so far, this is coming directly from my heart. A letter to my heart, in fact. I encourage all of you to do the same after you read this. On a serious note tho, you need to familiarize yourself with me A LITTLE before you have the right to read this. It almost like thinking you deserve access to someone’s love and you don’t even know their last name. Make sense?

To my heart,

Wow. I truly cannot believe you still manage to love so hard. After all the scars and the times you’ve felt like you were broken, somehow you did not fall apart. You are the most tender, soft, and loving being I have ever met. Yet, you are strong enough to walk around broken and still lend your chest for the tears of a loved one, a stranger, a friend. I love your willingness to allow yourself to forgive. I hate your bitterness because some things you cannot forget. I love the love you love to give to people. I love the light that shines within you because you see no evil. I love the care you put into EVERYTHING¬†you do and for not being a slave to the emotions you exude. You are resilient, persistent, and fearless. *that last part was definitely an affirmation* Your desire is always beyond yourself. You bleed silently whenever you see someone in pain. And you know that as you endure the rain to reach financial gain that pain will release the stress of everyone you’re blessed to share your gift with. I’m frustrated thinking of the fact that what I told myself I would accomplish by this time last year, has not been done. But you know what, I’m proud of my heart for even wanting more out of life to begin with. I love that my heart is so passionate, driven, ambitious, and HATES feeling complacent. I love me man. I’m just a boss, periodT.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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