Why Will We Support People We Don’t Know Before We Support Our Friends?


AHHH the common misconception that our friends really got us like they say will leave us disappointed every time! NOW NOW; before you turn your noses up at me let’s just go over a few things. Think about all the times you have invited someone to an event, gave links to your blogs, book or even showcased your new clothing merchandise! Now tell me how many “friends” have posted about them / Paid for the items without the “homie discount”? How many times have we heard the same “I got you when I get paid excuse” YAWWWWNN miss me with that one!

The same people making every excuse in the world not to buy your products, support your events or read your work are the same people buying up Cardi B’s Fashion Nova line! The same ones with those cute glossy lips straight from Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. But why is this?tenor

Why is it so hard to get the support from your friends? The fact is people are looking to connect and keep up with the Jones’. They don’t want to be the odd ball out wearing merchandise that their good friend worked so hard on. TRUST ME! I know this all too well. I have a book, TWO clothing sites that I developed with my honey and the first thing I’ve heard is “can I get a discount or I got you when I get paid”. Then I NEVER hear from anyone again! But you must love a stranger that puts in that effort. Believes in you more than the people around you sometimes. I have got so much love and feedback from people I don’t even know. Developed new business relationships, and started new business ventures with strangers I’ve met all through supporting one another’s work.support

What is not always understood is we are looking for the support of our loved ones and friends to give us that extra boost of confidence we need to take big risks. We are all looking for someone to be proud of us, the work we do and to accept our passions even if they don’t always agree with them. We are looking for the ones closest to us to hold us up and reassure us that all our challenging work isn’t going to waste.

It’s bigger than just buying out books or a t-shirt. It’s being supportive of how we feel about the things we are doing. Not discouraging us to stop pursuing our dreams and follow what truly makes us happy. So, the next time your entrepreneur friend or your author friend is looking for you to buy their products or read an excerpt be the GOOD friend that supports the cause!


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