The Car Accident :(

On Tuesday I woke up at 6:40 AM like I do every weekday. I was so tired that I stayed in bed until like 6:55 AM and then I finally started getting ready for work. I left the house at around 7:15 AM and I work down the street from my house, so 15 minutes was enough time to make it on time.

I was down the street from my house at the red light. It seemed like the longest red light of my life and suddenly my life flashed before me.

I felt my whole body jerk forward and I realized that my car had been slammed into. I looked around my car. There was glass everywhere and both my airbags came out.  After realizing what happened, I saw that I had been pushed into the opposite side of the street by whoever hit me. I saw that the cars on the opposite side were at a red light, so I tried to see if I could successfully drive my car onto the side walk. I succeeded. Once I got to the side walk, I started crying hysterically. I couldn’t believe that my car had been hit and my life could of ended.

I was scared but I looked down at my legs. My biggest fear was that my legs were bleeding or twisted. I finally looked and my whole body seemed to be fine. When I realized that, I looked back at the scene of the accident. A company truck had hit me. After the truck slammed into me it caused four other cars to be involved. But thankfully all the people involved were okay. Everyone had been hit by cars except me, so each car only had like a damaged bumper.

A man who I hit when I was  pushed into the opposite side of the street got out of his car and checked on me. He was very nice and he asked if I needed an ambulance, but I told him I was fine. I tried to get out my car, but my door was jammed so the random dude pried it open so I could get out. I finally got a look at my car and I was shocked to see that it was totaled. It looked way worse than I expected so I started crying again. I cried and cried and when my mom got there we both cried. I was so happy to be alive, you guys have no idea.

After the accident I went to Kaiser Hospital in San Leandro. I felt fine, but I wanted to get checked out just in case. Plus my dad told me a story about how someone he knew got into a car accident “thought they were fine” and then died from internal bleeding two days later. That story scared me so much that I went to the doctor and got them to x-ray every single part of my body. Luckily everything ended up being fine. The last two days I have been in the bed just resting and trying to heal from all the soreness. My face and neck are the most sore which really sucks.

After I stopped crying I found out the details of what happened. An older man driving a company truck had suffered a medical emergency, slammed on his gas pedal and hit me while we were at the red light. The man was alive, but they carried him away on a stretcher. The nice man helping me also mentioned that the same man in the company truck had rear ended someone on the freeway and kept going. I couldn’t believe all of this. I hope the man is okay and wasn’t hurt too bad. The good part of the situation is that he was driving a company truck and clearly at fault so his company will be paying for all the damages.

My car is totaled and I will get a new car, but please pray for me, because I have never been in a car accident and I am pretty shook up. Every night I have had de ja vu in my head of how it felt to be slammed into. I cant stop thinking about how I could of lost my life and everything I love and have worked for. This is being written not for pity, but to remind everyone to cherish the gift of life and do not take it for granted. It could all be lost in an instant so complaining, being upset and being depressed is a waste of time and energy. Continue to accomplish your dreams and live life to the fullest because life is truly too short. Thanks for reading.


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