Bounce Back

Hey guys 🙂

As you probably read, last week I was involved in a car accident. My car was totaled and I walked away with no scratches. Since the accident, I am doing a lot better. I currently have a rental car and I am ready to get back to life. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was so down and out and sore that I just stayed in the bed and thought about life. I really am blessed that I did not die that morning. Now I am back at it again, with the back at it again LOL (Only those of you who watch Love and Hip Hop will understand this reference).

This week I have restructured and rethought about my goals and priorities. I have noticed that it is the middle of January and I have already gotten off track (no bueno!) Therefore, this will probably be the most productive week I have thus far. Can’t wait to see what I accomplish. The first part is getting myself in a routine. Right now my schedule is all over the place or I make plans and end up canceling them to do other things. If I can get into a regular routine life will be so much simpler for me.

I am also trying to focus on bettering myself as usual. It’s like every time I take five steps forward, I end up talking ten steps back. Why? I wish I could be more disciplined. I do a really good job at controlling my emotions and decisions one second, and the next second I am back into my old ways. As much as I have my slip ups I am still happy about the progress I have made thus far. I know that change doesn’t happen overnight so my main focus is not being so hard on myself.

I also realize that saving money this year is going to be more of a priority than I thought. I have been chilling and spending money without putting much thought into it and now I see that I have to create a budget and put more thought into where my money goes. The impulse buys just can not happen anymore, because I need to plan for my moves the next couple months. As much as I think I have 2017 planned out, God works in mysterious ways and throws random obstacles in our ways all the time. For example, this whole car accident really threw me off, but praise God it wasn’t my fault. Just trying to keep my eyes on the prize this week and be more disciplined. Everyone stay on your grind and don’t get distracted this week. Besides, January is just a trial run anyway ;).


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