November Off to a Rocky Start -_-



Hey loves,

Check out my Halloween costume! I was a maid if you can’t tell.

I flew back from San Diego yesterday. I had so much fun! I needed a vacation and it was fun hanging out with my sorority sisters and their friends. We were rolling around San Diego ten ladies deep lighting up the city. I miss it there so much and was not ready to come back to reality. I left Saturday Morning and got back yesterday at 1:30 PM, so it was a really short trip.

This week my only goal is to relax and get more sleep. Even though yesterday was Halloween, I slept for most of the night. Initially I was going to pass out candy, but once I woke up, it was raining so I watched my TV shows (Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and New Girl).

I am sitting at home right now. Feels so weird not to have any plans, I am not used to that. Every day this week I literally have work and that is it. I can’t wait until this weekend…. Netflix and chillin’ alone with a holiday drink from Starbucks is in my future. Sounds depressing, but when you are constantly running around, you value any alone time you can get.

Next week will be more eventful! I will be going to the Lil’ Wayne concert with my mains and then two days later is my girl’s baby shower. I feel like instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, a balance of chilling some weeks and having some busy weeks is in order.

On the 19th I have a 13 hour shift. I haven’t worked that many hours in a long time. A simple eight hour shiftalready has me feeling dead, so this will be interesting L.O.L. I am ready to make that over time fasho, because I have a lot of people to get Christmas gifts for. I am big on Christmas, seeing that my birthday is two days after. Everybody close to me will definitely be getting a thoughtful gift, especially since I have better jobs this year than I have in the past. I no longer have to limit my creativity! However, I will still create some type of budget, can’t be stupid seeing that I plan on quitting a job soon L.O.L hashtag #Priorities.

It is the first day of the month and I already messed up and did something irrational… Typical Michaela -_-

Sometimes I hate that I am so irrational. An old boss I had literally said that she felt like she had to “walk on egg shells” around me. I thought she was being a B word, but now I finally understand why she made this comment. When something makes me upset I literally get so angry it leads to an outer body experience. I feel by body temperature rise 50% and then I proceed to say something I regret… story of my life. Luckily today was just a trial run of the month I am going to have… I definitely plan on working on my anger issues and thinking things through. Everyone please pray for me. Anger problems can lead to a lot misfortune, I know from experience. I am at a point in life where I can’t afford to miss out on great opportunities because of my attitude. I will make more rational decisions slowly, but surely.




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