My Life Be Like

She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
Roman Payne

What’s up guys!

It is finally the weekend and the first week of November is complete. I have mixed feelings about this week. Although the first day of the month was rocky for me, the other three were fine. I have been doing research on self improvement and I have been thinking of more career options as usual. I am so happy that everyone around me is just as motivated as I am, if not more. One thing I can not stand is a lazy person, so I appreciate people that make moves and plan. It’s one thing to have a goal, but it is another thing to have a plan… I am a HUGE planner.

Tomorrow I am meeting with one of girls to discuss an opportunity she presented to me, among other things. I am really excited to exchange ideas with her and see what plans we can put into motion. She is such a creative mind and I know that us combining our ideas together will result in nothing but greatness.

I have experienced some minor health problems this week. Nothing too serious, but I have definitely been in pain since Wednesday. This pain was a reminder to me though. It reminded me that I truly have to stop complaining about small things. Although my health problem is a small one, the discomfort and pain I have been experiencing has been extremely inconvenient. When I was working and trying to be productive, this issue has slowed me down immensely. I went to the doctor today and received the tools necessary for recovery. I just hope that I am back in tip top shape next week, because like I told you guys before I have the Lil’ Wayne Concert and my girl’s baby shower to attend. Pray for me please, and make sure you guys always put your health first.

Whenever anything out of the ordinary happens, I run to the hospital. From stomach aches, to ear aches to foot pains, I have made appointments to see a doctor. It all comes from me being a paranoid person, but I would just hate to ignore something and risk it growing into a detrimental issue that could of been prevented. That’s just me though. I know it is harder to make an appointment when you have no insurance or very poor insurance. Luckily my Dad has bomb insurance, so all my appointments and prescriptions are free (yassss lawd!). I should just stock up for the next two years, because then I will have to get my own insurance (tear) or let’s just hope I have a good job by then haha.

An epiphany came to me last night. Last night I realized that I keep having the same problems in my life, because I keep doing the same things. How am I going to get good results if I don’t change? I keep applauding myself for the small improvements I make, but there is still so much more work to be done. My main flaw is that I barely think anything through. A lot of times I just “do” and later I’m like DID I DO THAT? *In my Steve Urkel voice.* I will be standing there looking around waiting for someone to take responsibility for my actions, knowing it is all ME. Little old me causing all this destruction and creating road blocks and obstacles that didn’t exist. This applies in every aspect of my life, but my love life specifically. Man o man being single makes me realize so many things about my self I never realized before. I always thought I was such a together person, but now the damage is apparent as ever.

To fix my life, I have been compiling Pinterest articles lol. I have actually found some really good information and collected some really good articles. Ultimately, I am trying to be more rational, easy going and patient. I feel like patience is the most used word on this blog. That is the one thing I continue to struggle with and I hate it so much. Maybe it is just the Capricorn in me. I am not sure if being impatient is a Capricorn trait… *looks it up*. All I found was organized, economical and insecure. That is definitely me lol. This is what I do on Friday nights… I sit here and think of ways to improve. Is that bad? The turn up is suddenly starting to not look so appealing. After three months of constant partying, I am just over it. I want to try new things I have never done. Therefore, I just downloaded Groupon. It has to be possible to save money and also have fun. My friend also suggested I create a travel fund. That sounds like a great idea once my credit cards are paid off. In 2017 I want to travel to Atlanta, Florida, Louisiana and Las Vegas. I feel like these are all possible trips with proper planning and less spending money on food lol. Buying food out is one of my biggest expenses. I am getting sick of it and ready to make that change. Hopefully some progress is made this weekend lol. Bye guys!



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