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Monogamy Or Polygamy? (PART I)

Monogamy or polygamy is the question? We are going to get straight to the point in this article. Believe it or not polygamy has been around for centuries; but is it beneficial for millennials in today’s world in the black community? I’m going to share my personal preferences in this article, and the potential pros… Continue reading Monogamy Or Polygamy? (PART I)

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Don’t Like It? Oh Well!

Where do I start? Actually, I know where: THIS IS MY BODY! DON'T LIKE IT? OH WELL! Since when was it okay for men to delegate jurisdiction over a womb that doesn't belong to them? With the exception of some Transgender men, cisgender men do not have to endure the mental, physical, and emotional trauma… Continue reading Don’t Like It? Oh Well!

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Why Do People Go To Clubs?

Those who know me personally know that I absolutely hate going to clubs or lounges, which are pretty much the same in my opinion. It logically doesn’t make sense to me why people enjoy going to these types of establishments. Further into this article, I will break down every factor that makes these establishments terrible in my… Continue reading Why Do People Go To Clubs?

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Full Nest, Empty Pockets: Give Me a Second to Get My Shit Together

Affordable housing, isn’t so affordable for young college graduates who are looking to flee the nest. Most of us want to start this new journey of adulthood so we can have our own little safe space for privacy, intimacy, all the lessons that come with adulting in your first apartment, and of course; the joy… Continue reading Full Nest, Empty Pockets: Give Me a Second to Get My Shit Together

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Childhood Trauma “Part II”

  I’m excited to continue my series on childhood trauma. I will dive into the topic of how the Willie Lynch Letter has affected black children, and how homosexuality has affected black children. The Willie Lynch Letter was a letter from Willie Lynch who was a British slave owner; and who delivered his letter in… Continue reading Childhood Trauma “Part II”

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How Ayesha Curry Became a Dividing Factor on Black Social Media

  Ayesha Curry is wildly popular these days. Besides her being the wife of Golden State Warriors point guard and NBA star Stephen Curry, she also has her own cooking show on the Food Network and she also is a cookbook author.  Outside of Steph, she is definitely making a name for herself and doing… Continue reading How Ayesha Curry Became a Dividing Factor on Black Social Media

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Childhood Trauma “Part I”

Wow, I haven’t wrote a legit paper since college so bare with me! However, I continuously write poetry about love, lust, sex, racial issues, women’s empowerment, etcetera. Today we are going to focus on childhood traumas specifically in the black community. It’s a touchy subject that many black people know all to well in our… Continue reading Childhood Trauma “Part I”

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The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice

How many of you have known that awkward black kid that was either in your neighborhood or school that always stood out the most but not in a good way? The kid that illustrated the typical stereotype of having glasses, dressing weird, running with their hands behind their back like anime characters. These kind of… Continue reading The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice

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Bitch, I’m Not Bitter… I’m Frustrated

Baby Mama - noun Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive. ¹the biological mother of a man's child, not married to the child's father and usually not in a relationship with him.   The minute someone finds out you have a child the stereotypes start flooding the place. You're no longer looked at as a MOTHER but a Baby Mama; The woman who can't seem to let go of her baby daddy. The woman who's always angry because… Continue reading Bitch, I’m Not Bitter… I’m Frustrated

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The NCAA: Still Pimpin’ Hard

A pimp is someone who works without working.  Mostly known as a person who creeps in the shadows, a pimp keeps up with the time and place where his employees, named prostitutes, are to set up and make things happen. For every single prostitute, there is a quota that has to be reached and if… Continue reading The NCAA: Still Pimpin’ Hard