Keeping Calm in Chaos

Have you experienced everything going left at the wrong time? You’re uncomfortable with your friends, your significant other and frustrated with the life you worked so hard to establish. You begin to question the intent of people and the significance of certain aspects of your life. Life just seems so chaotic in a sense. Chaos comes in many forms, and sometimes it isn’t to destroy our lives. Ironically, it’s to build us and clear the horizon for better opportunities. Chaos breaks up the monotony of our lives for us to move in the direction we’re intended to pursue.

For the last four months, everything in my life has been uprooted. I haven’t had a sense of normalcy since January, and I couldn’t figure out why my world was being shaken up. Each month I found myself in an emotional conflict with a place or situation. Each time a conflict erupted, I found myself questioning myself, my healing, and my purpose. Why was I continuously being met with opposition? I always had all aspects of my life under control. Then, I realized all I had to do to gain control was surrender. Surrender myself to the process that I thought I was undergoing the whole time. I had not been dealing with the chaos in my life; I used an umbrella as protection in a hurricane. I had never stopped to acknowledge how all these uncomfortable factors were making me feel.

I decided to stop running from the storm and embrace it. For once, I was going to dance in the rain and let my hair down. The best way to get through the chaos is to understand that tranquility is on the other side. We get so caught up trying to get through things that we forget to enjoy exactly where we are. Life is about embracing the moments, even the ones that aren’t ideal. Understanding that chaos is only teaching us to INNERstand the parts of ourselves that the world may need. Chaos creates a chapter in our life that someone else needs to grow. Our storms aren’t always about us but about the lives we impact. Cry, get angry, scream, but start embracing the NOW so you can appreciate the NEXT.

Ask yourself if you’re embracing the rain or just denying the storm is happening. Calmness comes from knowing that chaos is just a wake-up call of prolonged comfortability.

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