Bang Bang

She feels safe with his guns. 

If she feels protected by the guns how often do these unwanted moments come into play?
‘ Ya know, for the gun to be activated. 

Between those times, who’s protecting whom?

Her feeling protected by the guns… 
Now, what if you take the guns away?
Will she still feel protected…

Now, l ask what does protection mean?

(So say…)
He’s trying to protect you from a robber getting inside the house…so who protects you, when the
robber is already inside the house? 

Robbing you of:





Free time

You finding yourself 

Freedom of expression 

When did you realize that guns (physical protection) made you feel safer? 

When did you realize that the guns made you feel more protected than he did?

His guns will stay young forever, because he puts work and care into them…but he’s not taking care of himself to do the same thing. 

I feel most loved when he protects me with his guns.
The excitement that someone is willing to save me…
but what happens when l need saving from __________. ( him & his guns?)

At the end of the day who are the guns really protecting?


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