Organized Chaos- Part 7: Everything Seen Isn’t Seen


Tick, tick, tick. Rasheeda was looking at the clock as she thought about what was about to go down. Det.  Watkins was walking right into a setup that she helped put together and it was all for Jonathan, a guy that was just recently crying at the scene of his wife dying. All the while, Johnathan was having an affair with her. Rasheeda snapped out of her trance and began heading back to the Jonathan’s place, cleaning up and getting ready for Jonathan to come home.

  While Rasheeda was heading back, Jonathan was getting ready to leave the office. He wasn’t sure what Rasheeda had told Det. Watkins, but he sure was not happy they had seen each other. He didn’t know they were involved, but he was a jealous man who wanted it all to himself. As he sat as his desk before leaving, he thought of all the crazy things he had been through over the last few days and how his world changed so quickly.

“Time to take some action,” Johnathan muttered at his office desk as he began to pack up his briefcase to head out of the office.

  Johnathan could feel the adrenaline rushing through his veins as he rushed to the elevator and off the elevator to the streets of the city. Some of those feelings of anger changed when he just so happened to see Cherry walking on the other side of the street.

   At that point, Johnathan began to think of all the things he put her through and how she got escorted out of his office. He knew he wrote a check to her and he put a restraining order against her, but he felt bad for what he had done to her. So, against his better judgement, he navigated through the busy traffic-filled streets and caught up to Cherry.

“I’m sorry.”

 “What for? You got what you wanted. Don’t ever approach me again. You ruined my life. And now I don’t know where my man DeWayne is because of the news I told him.”

  Johnathan had heard that name before and it didn’t take him long to connect the dots and realize that Cherry’s man was the DeWayne he helped Rasheeda dispose of.

“I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain I caused you.”

Of course, Cherry was still not really trying to hear what he said, but she did catch one thing.

“Why are you giving me condolences Jonathan?”

Johnathan, knowing he had probably gave a hint to Cherry, had to cover his tracks.

“I was saying sorry for your loss because he wasn’t present right now. That’s all. Hopefully they find him Cherry.”

  Cherry heard the information, but she still was leery of the condolences.

“I’m going to reach out to his sister Rasheeda to see if she heard anything.”

  And just like that, Cherry walked away, still carrying Jonathan’s unborn child that he paid her to tell DeWayne it was his baby.

  Jonathan got so lost in the conversation that he forgot he was supposed to be close to home at this time. He was thirty minutes late on his journey home via Uber. Before he got in his Uber though, he reached out to Rasheeda and had her move the time back an hour just to make sure he had enough time to get there and get prepared.

  Rasheeda listened to Jonathan and as soon as she heard the time, she told Det. Watkins. Rasheeda was actually relieved she had more time to clean the department because she was going through some things mentally on her own. She was at Johnathan’s place and she could not stop staring at one spot in the floor. It was the spot where she shot her brother DeWayne and his dead body lay there lifeless and bleeding.

  The tears welled in her eyes and while they welled up in her eyes, she head something.

 “You reap what you sew.”

  The voice got louder and louder in her head as she tried to move away to clean up the apartment, but the spot on the floor held her steady. Eventually, she was able to break away and get some medicine to try and get rid of the voice, but the voice just would not go away, then she looked in the mirror and there it was.

“Why did you kill me? I loved you sis.”

  As Rasheeda looked up, she saw the decaying body of DeWayne staring back at her in the mirror. The sight made her fall backwards in the kitchen, falling down and freaking out.

“You’re dead. This isn’t real.”

“I’m as real as the guilt you have for killing me. There’s only one way to make this right Rasheeda.”

  At that point, the decayed-looking DeWayne took his hand in the shape of a gun and put it toward his temple.


  The sound of a gun rang in Rasheeda’s head as the ghastly-looking DeWayne disappeared into thin air after he acted like he was shooting himself in the temple.

  Rasheeda broke out of the trance finally and then noticed she had only fifteen minutes until Det. Watkins would arrive. She went ahead and got the rest of the place cleaned up while she waited on that knock at the door for Det. Watkins to come in. As she got cleaned up, she made sure she had her gun on her and at that same moment, the vision of her brother began to enter her mind once again. Unlike last time, she was able to shake it off a little easier as she put on her black tank top and sweatpants to let Det. Watkins in.

“Hey beautiful. You ready to do this?”

  Rasheeda just shook her head yes, but she wasn’t necessarily showing a level of confidence in the plan at large.

“Things will be ok Rasheeda. I will take care of it all.”

“Ok Danny, I know you got me. I will be ok.”

  Danny seemingly was there early, but Rasheeda never switched the time with him because he was planning all along to be there to kill Johnathan for Rasheeda and set her free. The plan was for him to hide out in the bedroom while they were waiting on Johnathan to get there. Needless to say, she would get Johnathan all tied up in the bedroom only to have Det. Watkins come out and shoot Johnathan. The plan would work perfectly and the silencer Det. Watkins had would make sure no one heard anything.

  Danny eventually hid in the closet and was going to be there waiting on a knock from Rasheeda to come out. And it was good he got there early because the door began to turn and Jonathan walked in.

“You ready Rasheeda?“

“Yes I am.”

  At that point though, the voices began to come back to her brain and right there she began to see the carcass of DeWayne speak to her again.

“Leave me alone!”

Jonathan, perplexed, began to scan his place as to who Rasheeda was talking to.

“Are you okay? No one is here yet.”

“Only one way to take care of this Rasheeda and you know how.” said the ghost of DeWayne.

  Rasheeda began to pace frantically in the apartment wanting the voice to leave her alone.

“I will not do it.”

  As Jonathan watched Rasheeda pace back and forth and then as she pulled out the gun, Jonathan began to get a little nervous. Was he next to get shot by Rasheeda?

  Rasheeda paced all the way into the bedroom where she began to lose it even more.

“I will not do it! You’re dead. You’re dead!”

  At this point, the spirit of DeWayne was standing in the bedroom with her. He just kept telling her what to do and she kept unraveling more and more. All the while, Jonathan was watching in fear as she was waiving the gun around cavalierly. He began to wonder if all he had done evil was going to catch up to him with Rasheeda pulling the trigger.

“You owe it to me to join me! Are you going to do it or not Rasheeda? Shoot the gun!”

  At this point, Rasheeda was losing it even more and had thought of only one way to kill the voice: shoot the vision. It obviously had to be real if she was seeing it.

  Rasheeda continued to hear the banter from the dead body of DeWayne until she had enough.

 “You’re not going to tell me what to do. I’m going to end this like I did last time.”

  Rasheeda shot at the ghost and as soon as she did, it vanished. While the ghost had vanished, what Rasheeda failed to realize is the ghost of DeWayne was right in front of where Det. Watkins was hiding out. Rasheeda was mortified, as the plan would be out the bag if she opened the door to reveal Danny, but she had to check on her friend.

  When Johnathan heard the shots go off, he rushed to the bedroom where Rasheeda was.

“Are you okay and why did you shoot up the closet?”

  Johnathan moved toward the closet to see the damage when a thud hit the closet door and as soon as he opened it, out tumbled the body of Det. Watkins with two shots to his chest.

Jonathan was not only surprised but infuriated by what he found.

“What is he doing here Rasheeda?! What were you planning?”

  Rasheeda then focused the gun on Johnathan and told him.

“I was trying to escape you and Danny was helping me. But since I killed Danny, I guess I have to kill you too.”

  Rasheeda took aim, but there was one thing she did not do: account for how many bullets were in the clip. She tried to shoot Johnathan and found out she had no more bullets left. As soon as Johnathan heard that click and did not feel anything hot pierce his skin, he knew he had a chance to break towards Rasheeda. He sprung across the room, knocked the gun out of her hand and began to strangle her.

“You really tried to kill me? I loved you woman.”

  Johnathan yelled at her as he strangled her. He knew he had to kill her at this point. Cherry was going to eventually find her and question her and Rasheeda would more than likely give the information out. Add to that, she killed three people and she was a risk to him anyway. Johnathan knew what he had to do and he continued to choke her until she lay lifeless in his hands.

  Unlike the other killings, Jonathan got emotional. He loved Rasheeda, but unfortunately, he knew what he had to do. So here Johnathan stood with two bodies in his apartment and only one he was responsible for. But yet again, it was his apartment and he had to figure out how to get rid of them.

  All those things were on his mind, but what else seeped into his mind was finding out how much Cherry knew and how much he needed to find a way to find out what she did with that knowledge. But in the meantime, he had to find a way to clean up the apartment from all the mess that just happened.


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