Organized Chaos- Part 8: The Cleanup Woman

“I wonder what he meant by the condolences.”

  Cherry thought on Johnathan’s thoughts as she sat in her empty apartment wondering where DeWayne was. The thoughts of what Jonathan had mentioned to her was stressing her mind. She decided to go to the police department at this point because she was really starting to get worried about him and it had been 48 hours since he disappeared. As she headed down to the precinct, she called Rasheeda’s phone. Unfortunately, there was no answer, as the phone rang and rang and ended up going to voicemail.

“Hey Rasheeda. This is Cherry. I have a question or two for you. When you get a chance, will you call me back when you get this message?”

  Cherry hung up the phone and continued to race to the police precinct and when she got there, the panic had set in just a little bit more.

  On the other end of that phone call to Rasheeda sat a phone that was just ringing on the floor of Jonathan’s apartment. Jonathan sat and watched the phone as it rang and he was trying to figure out what was next. He obviously had to get rid of the bodies, but what if Cherry knew something about what he did? While he was thinking, the phone stopped ringing and he concocted a plan: He was going to dispose of the bodies in the river and from there, he was going to find Cherry and tie up any loose ends.

As Jonathan was trying to figure out things. Cherry was there at the police precinct.

“My name is Cherry Travis and I would like to file a Missing Person’s Report for DeWayne Rhodes.”

  The front desk worker began to put in the information when she remembered the name.

 “You mean DeWayne who was Rasheeda’s brother? I have not seen him around in a minute. Last time I saw him, he was rushing out the door. Said something about a Jonathan.”

  At that point, Cherry began to get even more curious about the comments Jonathan said to her. As she thought about it more, she knew he had to know something. She went back to her apartment at that point to try and get some things together. Of course, she did not know where Jonathan lived because all of their meetings happened at the office or hotels. Her plan was to go to her old office and somehow find the address to get to him though.

  Meanwhile, darkness had settled on the city and that’s when Jonathan was getting ready to get to work. He carefully wrapped up both Rasheeda and Danny in trash bags to get them out of his house. The bodies were heavy, so he took them down to his vehicle one at a time. He started with Danny first, as that body had more blood and was more messy than Rasheeda’s body. He made it all the way outside, carrying the body of Det. Watkins over his shoulder. And as he carefully made his way to his car, he popped the trunk and threw the trash bag in.

  Jonathan then headed back upstairs to get the next trash bag. When he walked back to his apartment door, he found his door ajar. Jonathan, frightened, went into his apartment and wondered what had happened.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?!!!”

  Johnathan noticed the body of Rasheeda was gone. The bag looked to be ripped from the inside and there was no trace of Rasheeda leaving other than the door open. Jonathan began to freak out. He tried to murder her and she knew it. But then again, he had the body of Det. Watkins still, so that was his only out. Jonathan made sure to go back and lock up his vehicle and he headed back in the house.

  Back at her place, Cherry was getting herself together and putting together her thoughts. How was Jonathan involved? What did he do? Who did he do it with? How did this happen? All those thoughts were going through her head when she heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

Cherry clutched a metal baseball bat from by the kitchen counter, not knowing who was coming to her door.

“It’s Rasheeda. I need to talk to you.”

  When Cherry opened the door, he found a disheveled Rasheeda who was looking over her shoulder, paranoid that someone was keeping up with her every move. As stepped in the apartment, Cherry noticed the bruising around her neck.

“What happened to you? Did someone beat you up?”

“I actually escaped playing dead. It was Jonathan. He was trying to make me kill someone. That treacherous bastard. I ended up killing someone on accident when I was really trying to get back at Jonathan for killing someone.”

Cherry’s mind had begun to churn. Could she get more information from Rasheeda?

“Jonathan didn’t happen to know anything about DeWayne or mention DeWayne did he?”

  At that point, Rasheeda knew she had a tough decision. Did she tell Cherry the truth or did she make up a lie?

“Jonathan killed him and dumped him in the river. He made me go along with it. He threatened to kill me.” 

  Cherry heard the information and it was hard for her to process. She could not help but feel guilty because of the news she broke to DeWayne that Rasheeda had no knowledge of. On the other hand, she did feel some type of way about Jonathan killer her man.

“You know what Rasheeda, let’s go get this bastard!”

  Cherry grabbed the bat, but Rasheeda snatched it out of her hand.

 “We need a gun Cherry, not a bat. Let’s set him up. He will be looking for me because he knows I know information that could put him away. More than likely, he will be going back to my apartment to look for me. We can beat him there. When he gets there, we can have the trap ready for him.”

  Cherry began to laugh and not only did she laugh, she had a devilish grin on her face that Rasheeda had never seen. Little did Rasheeda know that Cherry was harboring all the anger from the embarrassment on the job that Jonathan caused her to the payments he gave her to not talk about the baby being his. She was itching for a way to get back at him and this was the perfect opportunity.

The two begin to talk and try to figure out where they could get a gun and Johnathan’s address in case he was not at her apartment as Rasheeda thought when Rasheeda felt a cold shiver come over her again like a cold winter breeze. She looked to her left and she again saw the ghost of her brother, DeWayne.

“So, you’re not going to tell her the truth Rasheeda? You know you shot me!”

“I cannot do it.”

Cherry looked puzzled as she saw Rasheeda talking to thin air.

Do what? You cannot kill Jonathan with me?”

  Rasheeda began to stumble towards the door and fell over the coffee table, crashing towards the ground.

“I will not tell her that DeWayne.”

“DeWayne? I don’t see anyone here Rasheeda but you and I. Tell me what?”

“Tell her now! Tell her you killed me Rasheeda!”

“No!!! I will not tell her that!”

  Cherry looked completely confused as she saw Rasheeda yelling at someone that existed only in her mind.

“I will not tell her what you want me to DeWayne.”

At that point, the ghost of DeWayne began to get angry and push Rasheeda.

“Please DeWayne no!”

“Either you tell her or you join me in this world I’m in.”

  The ghost of DeWayne pushed her into the wall and held her there, almost pushing her head through the wall right by the front door.

“Okay, okay. I will tell her!”

  The ghost of DeWayne let go of the pressure he was applying and Rasheeda turned around and started to pulled the door open.

 “I killed DeWayne.”

  The ghost of DeWayne slammed the door as trying to slam her in the door, but Rasheeda somehow escaped and ran off into the city night.

Cherry was enraged and the ghost of DeWayne was there watching and wishing he could do something about it.

“I’m going to kill them both and I am starting with Rasheeda first.”

Cherry flung open the door and took off down the hallway with rage in her eyes.


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