Cuffing the Side Chick

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I loved so deeply once that the thought of losing my partner made me sick.  I couldn’t imagine waking up alone without him, living or breathing without him. I found myself mesmerized by this man and all the things that he did for me. I felt that it was a privilege for me to have given him children instead of him understanding that I put my life on the line in order for his legacy to be carried on through our seeds. 

I was so blinded by lies that I was unaware of the possibility that this could all be a facade. That he was putting on a show for me because there was someone; someone he felt more attraction for, closer to and who he wanted to be with. 

Us women/men all have intuition, we feel when our partners are acting different. When they don’t touch us as much, they don’t look at us the same or even when the conversations get shorter. It makes us feel unwanted, insecure, we beg and plead for the people we love to just see US ! 

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See the love we have for them, the way we want them to prosper and be SOMEONE in a world full of robots. We get to a place of uncertainty and we start to look for signs and clues that there may be someone else, another chick who has our man’s attention and then BOOM!! We finally find what we’re looking for.

Its HER, the one who has his attention, the one getting his time, affection. Devastation becomes the first feeling that we feel. Confusion, like screaming in a room and no one hears us. A ringing in your ears to the point that you go deaf shortly. Until the moment you have time to analyze this person. This side chick your man chose to cuff, and you even begin to question yourself and what you do or do not have. Is she more beautiful than I, what does she have that I don’t that would make him risk losing me just to be with her.

Going over her social media, her clothes, her house, her car, shoot even if her kids are cuter than yours. But for what? This is a woman who is OK with being NUMBER TWO! She is OK with the thought of her “man” eventually leaving his family to be with her, she’s OK with the fact that he comes over on the late night creep, doesn’t spend holidays with her and only satisfied with the little bit of sex he throws at her to keep her silent.

You take that step back and realize that this person is in no way better than you and YOU are not the problem but HE is the problem. The fact that ANY man would cuff another female on the side of a lower caliber than his own woman tells his untold story. You have a woman with EVERYTHING going for herself, but you want the chick on the air mattress, no food in the fridge and of course that’s because she can’t cook you a decent meal, she doesn’t have a job, wardrobe is tacky and she on the gram carrying herself like she is loose. Cuffing the side chick shows the level of respect that someone has for themselves. Which has always seemed to be non existent. How can a man respect himself and accept a downgrade? How can a man lay in a dirty home without a nice meal every night? How could a man leave his woman and family at home wondering while he’s sneaking and lying to maintain a situation that was never meant to last in the first place? I have always been told the measure of a man is the woman on his arm, or maybe it’s measured by the things he chooses to loose. 


Think twice about cuffing the side chick.


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