I Used To Love Her: Part 4-Meet the Parents

“I cannot believe I just did that.” said Allen to himself.

He had just robbed one of his best friends and stole his car. As he flew down the highway, he received a text from Karen on where to take the vehicle.

“My parents have a farm outside the city. The address is 2828 Moonstruck Lane. Take the car there. There will be a old barn in the back that they rarely go into where the car can go. Drive it in there and I will meet you there to pick you up and take you where you need to go. Oh and be quiet doing so. I don’t want to disturb them.”

Allen got the instructions and headed to the address he was given. While Allen was heading there, Karen went into the kitchen to whip up something quick for David as he was just getting dressed and coming out of the shower.

“How does pork chops sound for dinner my love?”

“Karen, can you ease up on the ‘my love’ comments please? But as far as dinner, yes, that sounds great. ”

“Dinner should be done in thirty minutes and then I have some work I have to go grab from my office. You may be sleep by the time I return.”

Karen finished dinner, making a delicious array of pork chops that were so tender they were about to fall off the bone. As David sunk his teeth into one, he could not help but love what he tasted. Karen may have been overzealous in her feelings for him, but she could definitely cook a good meal. As he continued to devour the pork chops along with the green beans and mashed potatoes, Karen slid out the door.

As she headed to her car, she called Allen to see if he had made it.

“Are you almost there?”

“Just arriving.”

“Great! There is second entrance you need to take to get to the barn. Go past the first entrance and around the curve and the entrance is right there on the left hand side. Turn in there and my parents won’t even see you go in the barn at all because it’s probably too far away for them to see you anyways.”

“Ok. I found the entrance. Pulling in now. How long until you’re here?”

“Give me 20 minutes and I will be there.”


Karen slammed the car door of her Volvo and floored it out of the parking lot towards her parents’ house. As she was driving there, she began to have thoughts of David. She was thinking of her future with him and what their wedding would be like. She imagined herself wearing a floor-length strapless white gown with white elbow-length gloves as she glided down the aisle with her shimmery shoes that blinded everyone at their sight. As she made her way down the aisle, there stood David, all smiles as he awaited his bride while wearing a black tuxedo with a red bowtie. As she headed down the aisle with her father escorting her down, her heart was pounding more and more with excitement as she was close to realizing a dream. She was in bliss while driving and thinking of the future she wanted with David and how she would do anything to make it happen. Karen was about to say “I do” in her fantasy when she realized she was at her parents’ house.

“I’m here. Pulling in the entrance now.”

When Karen pulled up, she went inside the barn and instructed Allen to help her with pulling a car cover over David’s vehicle, hiding it from plain site. After they finished doing that, Karen also instructed David to leave the keys to the vehicle there at the barn so there was no way David could find them and have any questions. After Allen hung the keys up in the barn, he and Karen headed to her car and then they both headed back tot he city.

“Where would you like me to drop you off Allen?”

“Drop me off at the bar and where is my money?”

Karen went in her purse and gave Allen the money she promised him. Allen was happy for the money, but he felt awful still for what he did to his friend and wanted to get a few drinks in to ease the guilt.

Eventually they made it back to the city, Karen dropped Allen off at the bar and headed back home. As soon as she stepped in the house, she noticed that David was still up.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just cannot shake what happened to me today Karen. The voice of that guy tonight sounded familiar too.”

“David, I am so sorry this happened to you. Come here. Let me take care of you. I will make it all okay.”

Karen pulled David close to him as he was getting frustrated and emotional about what happened to him. She embraced him, putting his head into her bosom.

“Just come be with me tonight. I won’t touch you if you want if you want to come lay in the bed with me. Plus, the couch cannot be that comfortable.”

David didn’t want to lay in the bed with Karen or even give her any hope, but he could not deny he wanted to lay somewhere more comfortable than the couch. His back would thank him for it.

David reluctantly headed to the bedroom and when he got there, he made sure to put some pillows in the middle of Karen’s king-size bed to deter her from even thinking anything was going to happen.

“Goodnight Karen and thanks for being a listening ear.”

“Anytime baby. Goodnight.”

Karen took off her robe, revealing her lingerie as she slid into bed. David looked out of the corner of his eye and even though he liked what he saw, he knew he could not give Karen any more hope of them being together than she already had.

Karen flicked off the lamp on her side of the bed and both laid in silence until they fell asleep.

The next morning, David awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs in the living room. He rolled out of bed, put on his shorts and shirt and went into the kitchen to find Karen making some breakfast with her lingerie on from the previous night. As he saw her, he felt a feeling coming over him that he had not felt about her. He was wishing he remembered the night they had sex because he was definitely taken off-guard by her body. He was so much into her that he did not realize he was getting turned on right in front of her.

“Well good morning to you and apparently you like what you see.” said Karen as she smiled and looked directly at what was poking through David’s shorts at her.

As soon as David noticed, he ran back into the bathroom, trying to get out of the sight of Karen. Unfortunately for David, that did nothing but excite Karen as she barreled into the bathroom door and pounced on David.

“No Karen. We cannot do this!”

“Yes we can. Your mouth is saying no but you body is saying yes.”

Karen began to kiss David on his neck and it felt so good to David. Eventually David could not resist anymore. He picked her up, took her to her bedroom and the two had sex in her bed, but this time David remembered what happened.

As he laid in the bed afterwards with Karen tucked up under his arm, he thought of all the trouble he just started. He knew he should not have done that, but he just could not hold out anymore. He was going over scenarios as to how to let Karen down easy when he heard Karen’s doorbell ring along with a knock at the door. David tried to wake Karen up, but she was not budging. The doorbell rang again accompanied with some more knocking at the door. At that point, David decided he was going to have to answer the door.  David put on his shorts and a shirt and walked towards the door.

As he looked through the peephole, he noticed two people he had not seen in a minute: Karen’s parents. David scrambled back to Karen’s bedroom to try and wake her again but she was still not budging at all. The doorbell rang yet again along with a knock, so David knew he was going to have to open the door. As he opened the door, the look of confusion hit the faces of Karen’s parents.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Green. I didn’t expect to see you both here this morning.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here either David.” said Mr. Green.

“Well, come in. Karen didn’t say anything about you all coming over today.”

She called us this morning and said she wanted us to meet her boyfriend. That doesn’t happen much, so we got dressed and came on over.”

David was completely confused with what was said to him from Mr. Green.

“I thought I was clear that we were not together with her.” said David in his mind.

And at that point when he was completing his thought, out came Karen from the bedroom with a huge smile.

“Surprise!! Mom and Dad, me and David are officially an item!”



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