Reckless Behavior: The Series,Casting Call Roles

Location: Bay Area, CA

Type: Web Series

Thank you for taking the time to read this casting call.

Looking for: Females, 18-50yo / Males, 18-50yo

  • Audition Location: 2003 Woolsey, St. Berkeley, CA. 94703
  • Audition 2: Saturday, March 16th 2:00pm- 6:00pm
  • Audition 3: TBA
  • Email:
  • Production title: Reckless Behavior: The Series
  • Project length: Web Series (8 episodes/ 10 minutes ea.)
  • Shooting location: Bay Area.
  • Director: Michaela P. Shelton.

Craft: Water provided on set.
NOT PAID – but gratitude/acknowledgements, credits and online downloadable copy.

BE AVAILABLE: Weekends (Primarily Sundays)

Logline: Michaela Holloway, an aspiring writer, navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior.


[DOMINIQUE (DOM)/ supporting role/ female]
Description: Michaela’s close friend who she has known for ten years. She is very needy, really arrogant and unmotivated when it comes to her future and life. She is often upset with Michaela for being too busy and unavailable.

“All these interventions we’ve had and you’re STILL not a good friend! Yeah you’ve been there for me at times, but I’m not about to applaud a fish for swimming.”

“While ya’ll over there happily married, I’m just trying to get a damn date.”

[SHONTELLE (TELLIE)/ supporting role/female]

Description: Michaela’s close friend who she met when they were 16 working at a fast food restaurant. Shontelle is goofy, sweet and very supportive to Michaela. She is easy going and fun to be around, and comes off as nonchalant.

“It’s all good! Ya’ll going to meet some bomb ass dudes when we go out tonight.”

“Okay so when me and Michaela worked at that stupid restaurant, it was our code. We would call fine ass dudes a hot sauce and okay looking dudes a ketchup.”

[NICOLETTE (NIC)/ supporting role/ female]
Description: Michaela’s best friend who she met in high school. Nicolette is a workaholic, an optimist and is often very serious . She is constantly on Michaela about her “reckless behavior” and is the only friend trying to help her improve her quality of life.

“Nope. I can’t go out tonight. I need to stay focused and save money. All my hard work will pay off, but I can’t get distracted.”

“Michaela I’m not even going to entertain this. I told you over and over to leave Damien alone and you don’t listen. I’m done wasting my breath.”

[DAWN/ supporting role/ female]
Description: Michaela’s emotional, intrusive and overbearing mother. She is loving but very religious and often gets upset, because her kids do not want to follow in her footsteps. 

“I will NEVER give up on my kids!You all need to be more like Nichaela. She NEVER misses a Sunday!”

“Well I would be. You know I don’t EVER forsake God. But Pastor Lawrence cancelled it today, because Sister Margaret passed away this morning. Lord rest her soul. But what are you ladies up to? Is the turn up real tonight?”

[ANDRE/ supporting role/male]
Description: Michaela’s supportive and wise father. He is usually serious and very assertive. In addition, he is extremely religious and often quotes Bible scriptures.

“I’m good. Just getting ready for church tomorrow. I’m speaking at the 3 o clock service.”

“Like Proverbs 15:1 says, A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

[NICHAELA/ supporting role/ female] 
Description:  Michaela’s fun but argumentative little sister. She is very protective of her big sister and really goofy. Although she is usually laughing, she sometimes has a bad attitude.

“But anyways, he’s still mad about that night. But whatever! Verizon is better looking anyway AND he cooks for me.”

“She won’t if I slap his ass!”

[TRAVIS/ supporting role/ male]
Description: Michaela’s arrogant older brother. He is very animated, supportive of Michaela and loves to have a good time. He truly has no filter and cares what no one thinks.

“She just doesn’t want to go to church, ya’ mean? Stop trying to force us, nobody wants to go to Gracious Nation. That church is so dry and whack.”

“I’m not going at all. She can feel however she wants. AND I’m about to go get some gin! Since she thinks we are all alcoholics anyway.”

[DAMIEN/ supporting role/ male]
Description: Michaela’s friend with benefits that she stopped talking to months ago, because he is still involved with and lives with the mother of his children. He is determined to get Michaela back and has a very creepy/ stalker-ish vibe. He won’t take no for an answer and goes to great lengths to Michaela’s attention.

“Kayla… you know I love you. It’s just complicated.”

“The word ‘stalk’ is a little harsh. I may have coincidentally been showing up at places I know you hang out at, but when you care about somebody you do crazy things.”

[TAMIKA (MIKA)/ supporting role/ female]
Description: Michaela’s roommate who is really inconsiderate and rude. She has a terrible attitude and is very self absorbed and arrogant.

“You don’t have to be ashamed bitch. Even though I hate you I’m NOT judging you.”

“Please stop lying… it’s PATHETIC. I’m not going to tell anyone.”

[JALEEL (WORKER)/ supporting role/ male]
Description: An employee at the clothing store Michaela frequently shops at. He secretly has a crush on Michaela and flirts with her often. He is charming, charismatic and down to earth.

“Seriously, you should buy it! That color looks good on you, as they all do. I’ll even give you a discount on it.”

“MICHAELA! BENJAMIN! Back again I see. Ya’ll just can’t stay away from Movement Inc. How you been?” 

[ANITRA/ bit part/ female]
Description: The girlfriend of Jaleel, a worker at the clothing store Michaela frequently shops at. Anitra is always in a good mood and talks with an annoying baby voice. She is madly in love with Jaleel and doesn’t realize he is falling out of love.

“Hey baby! I just wanted to surprise you with lunch, I cooked your favorite… fettucini alfredo.”

“Ugh, you’re ALWAYS working. Can’t you call in sick for me tomorrow… pretty please!?”

[JAMES/ bit part/ male]
Description: Random guy Michaela meets on the street who ends up being extremely disrespectful. He is aggressive, rude and comes off as extremely entitled.

“BYE! Talking to yo ass was a waste of my time anyway! I’m going to get me a snow bunny. They appreciate a nigga like me.”

“Black women ALWAYS trying to keep something from a black man.”





The purpose of this web series is to create something for us and by us that promotes the beauty and culture of the Bay Area. Its dual purpose is to bring to life the Reckless Behavior blog series that was created by our co-founder, Michaela P. Shelton, two years ago.


6 thoughts on “Reckless Behavior: The Series,Casting Call Roles

  1. I would love to play any of the female roles still needed for filling ! I’m 19 years of age young African American woman located in the heart of Oakland


    1. Yes queen! Please come out on Saturday from 12 to 4 in Berkeley if you are available. We’d love to have you audition mamaz 😍👏🏾🙌🏾


    1. Hi Eve! Unfortunately we are not considering video submissions. We will be hosting another casting call though and we will make sure to tell you the date. Thank you for providing your email 🙂


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