20 of My Biggest Pet Peeves

  1. When someone asks me to hang out, creates the plan and then cancels.
  2. When someone asks me to tell a story and then interrupts me like they don’t care.
  3. When someone is jealous when I never gave them a reason to be.
  4. When people try to peer pressure me to smoke weed (I don’t smoke and have no interest in doing so).
  5. When someone does something repeatedly after I make it known that it annoys me.
  6. When someone questions me like I am not a grown woman about to be 24.
  7. When someone leaves me a voicemail like I don’t see their missed call.
  8. When someone can be on social media and not text me back.
  9. When someone constantly complains about being broke and doesn’t do anything to change it (ex. Get a 2nd job or find a hustle).
  10. When someone constantly complains about being broke but they go out to eat and party all the time.
  11. People who still act like they are a college student after they have graduated. Like no I’m not going to go out every weekend!
  12. People that constantly say rude things thinking they are funny… you’re not.
  13. People that are content and don’t try to improve their life. You should always have a goal… even if it’s short term.
  14. People that don’t have cars and invite you to hang out that expect you to be there ride without asking. Um I’ll meet you there.
  15. Someone who goes to the club with me and a group of people and doesn’t dance.
  16. When I text someone and then they call me in response like no… I texted you for a reason.
  17. When I don’t respond to someone and they hit me up through another platform. Like I didn’t respond to your Facebook message, why are you hitting me up on Snapchat?
  18. Someone who sends mixed signals. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  19. When people have to have the last word and wont stop talking during an argument
  20. People who only talk about dating and the opposite sex… there are so many other things to talk about.



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