Nothing Can Stop Me I’m All the Way Up

What’s up everybody!

I hope everyone is having a good week and preparing for Thanksgiving. Being a Christmas baby, I am always super excited around this time. I can’t wait to have dinner Thursday and then go Black Friday shopping. I always procrastinate on buying gifts, so this will be a good start for me.

I have definitely been laying the ground work for my 2017. I have been making career moves and saving up my money. My goal was to move out, but I have been thinking it through and I think I want to live at home for another year. My home situation isn’t a terrible one and if I stay home I will be able to quit my job and not stress over paying rent and things. I also wanted to buy a new car next year, but I also think I should hold off on that. I want 2017 to be all about saving money and being financially smart. Moving out and buying a new car will just be a set back.

If I focus this year on establishing myself and continuing to save, everything else will fall into place in 2018. I will be 25 and ready for the world!

This year was all about transitioning from college. I feel like I have done a pretty good job. I got a full time job, a part time job related to my career at a prestigious company and I also was able to save up a good amount of money. I also started writing more and actually feeling confident in my talents. At first I was insecure about my writing and public speaking skills. However, now I am feeling more confident than ever. Although I know there is always room for improvement, I am glad I am building confidence slowly but surely.

One thing I want to completely master before the year is over is not being an over thinker. This all came to mind yesterday when something happened at work. I texted someone and said “This is the worst day ever.” The person texted me back and said “You’re probably being dramatic.” I thought about that comment the entire day and I realized that he was right. I make myself so stressed out by over thinking situations way more than I need to. I have became more rational this past month, but sometimes I feel old tendencies creeping back up. It is really all about picking my battles and not jumping to conclusions. Nobody wants someone in their life who is super dramatic and anxious. Once I master not overthinking, I feel like I will be prepared for any situation.

I don’t want to be known as a dramatic person. I know dramatic people and whenever I think of them I roll my eyes L.O.L. As I transition from being a drama queen to being more easy going I want everyone to be patient with me. Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially something that has been a habit for years.

Today I work until 4:30 PM, and then I have no plans. I really want to start the profile on Ralph Bunche. I have been avoiding it, because I am a little nervous about how it will turn out, but at the same time, I am excited to write it! I will work on that today and probably looking at recipes. I cook sometimes, but not all the time, but this year I want to help my mommy with Thanksgiving dinner. She usually cooks everything herself (by choice), but I told her yesterday that I will be helping. As the oldest daughter in my family,  I need to step up and learn these recipes for when my mom gets old and it’s my responsibility L.O.L. I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving though! Save me a plate if you live near San Leandro haha.




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