Newfound Opportunities and What’s Next

On the last day of my college career, my professor gave everyone in the class a paper award. Examples of awards rewarded included “Most Improved” “Best Voice” and “Best Anchor” (it was a television news class). I started thinking, “what award am I going to get?” I was so burned out that my grade in the class was not as good as it could have been so I was slightly nervous and uncomfortable.

After dispersing a couple of awards, my professor describes a female student; “This person is very friendly and lights up any room. She has a voice for broadcasting and in the professional world people will want to know who this girl is because of her bright personality and talent.” The award I received was the “rising star” award. I was so caught off guard when I heard my name called. My professor saw potential in me and her kind words meant more than she will ever know. Every so often I look at that award and I am reassured that I can get far in life if I just have faith.

I received that award 5 months ago and have made a lot of progression since. To say I am blessed would be an understatement, because God has genuinely kept me. New opportunities related to my field of study have opened up to me and I could not be happier. I have been impatient and grumpy over the lack of opportunities. I thought applying to companies and writing a good cover letter would suffice. Little did I know, making connections would be more beneficial to me. Once I realized the importance of knowing someone, I started introducing myself to more people and mentioning them in my cover letters. I knew that my applications would stand out if I specifically mentioned someone employed at the company I am applying to work for. With my education to back me, experience, and a name, I begin to receive emails and phone calls back from companies who have been looking past me for months. I am proud of myself for making things happen. Not many can say they have a job in their field of study 5 months after graduation, but I did it!

My next goal is to work excessively hard in my new position. I know what I am capable of and I know that if I put my mind to it, I can become a successful individual one day. People say “let go and let God” and this is as accurate as it comes. When I finally started praying and going the extra mile, I started to see results. This blog is to update everyone on my progress, but also to motivate. Do not give up, because you are discouraged, always press towards the mark and make your dream a reality.


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