#RedFlags: Misha’s Room- Speeding

Now how many of us have accidentally found ourselves in situationships without the slightest idea how we got there? How many of us have let the results of past encounters dictate the trajectory of the next? If you’ve never been in either situation, I’ll pat you on the back for clearly being better at identifying red and green flags than I am! Either way, you know I wrote about it! In this episode of Misha’s Room: The Podcast, we’re jumping into the poem Speeding. You can find Speeding in my second collection of poetry Scattered Showers and if you haven’t copped it yet, hit me up so I can help you out.

One of these days, I’ll take my own advice about consistency, but until then I hope you enjoy being back in Misha’s Room!

Click here to listen to Misha’s Room: Speeding


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