Do You Wanna Know How… To Keep A Wo(man)?


First, you need to do whatever they tell you to because that’s the only way anyone seems to think they can remain happy…

Yeah…NO! That’s not what this article is going to be about. I’m not going to sit here and write you a 10 Ways To Keep A Man/Woman article because quite frankly those articles are a bunch of bullshit. Not every person you are with is meant to be kept and I’m tired of all the books, blogs and memes that suggest we don’t know how to keep one, especially when it comes to black women.

Oh, and I’ll be damned if I let a cheating ass, no good man, tell me how I should be keeping a man, especially if he isn’t taking or giving the D to one.

Anyways, I need someone to seriously let me know what the obsession is with this generation giving advice on how to keep anyone when almost everyone I know giving that advice is single, being cheated on (sorry to say but your man & some of you women are in everyones DM and we all know it, including you), or are just simply miserable. Like please tell me what it is?

I honestly feel like people are handing out this advice because the world of social media has provided a platform that allows everyone to talk out of their asses, specifically when it comes to what someone else should be doing in THEIR relationship. If you hop on any social platform; Twitter, Instagram, shit even Facebook it’ll look like a war of the sexes and how to keep each other happy. If you don’t know a couple personally, stop going around thinking you know what can keep that man or woman.

No amount of good ass food, bomb ass sex or materialistic bullshit is going to keep someone that doesn’t want to be kept. It’s as simple as that. You. could be a provider, protector, best friend and lover and your partner still might not want to stay in that relationship.

When it comes to relationships, any kind for that matter, it’s going to take work and a lot of it.

There will be good days, bad days, happy days and sad. The two of you may not always be on the same page, but it is important to try to get there with one another. A lot of times that means communicating with one another in a civilized manner, because trust me I know a lot of people think screaming, yelling and just being all around toxic is a healthy way of communicating when it’s clearly not. All it does is cause more drama and more trauma for both of you and whoever may come next.

Making a relationship work is a two way street and sometimes one or both of you may be going in opposite directions and you need to know that’s okay. It’s important to know when to let go, because the relationship is no longer benefiting one or both of you. People grow apart and that’s normal. Plus why would you want to force someone to stay, when they want to leave.

Take the time to work on yourself; to be happy with yourself. Once you don that you won’t worry about keeping a wo(man).


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