Let’s Be Friends – Chapter 4

Nasir & Ashley; First loves reunited… and it gets spicy.

“The moment Brandon spotted Ashley he tried turning around to give Nas a heads up, but before he could say anything, she had already approached him. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he thought. “Well, look what we have here,” she said, not once taking her eyes off Nas and purposely ignoring Gary. Ashley didn’t like the twins. They tried their hardest to sabotage her relationship with Nas, and, eventually, they succeeded. “You still look good, Nas.” Nas turned around and couldn’t believe he was looking at the only female he’d ever truly loved…besides Rebecca.

Throughout high school, Ashley was the only girl who had Nas’ attention. She attended every one of his football games. She made sure to wear his jersey and was the loudest girlfriend in the stands. On Sunday, she’d attend church with his family and went on almost every family vacation they had. The two of them were inseparable. When he went away to college, they decided to just be friends. Together, they agreed the distance was going to become an issue and figured it would be best to enjoy the college experience without worrying about what the other one was doing. While Nas was off in Florida, she was right here in Los Angeles. The first year of college they kept in touch, making a few visits to see each other here and there and still fooling around as if they were still in a relationship. Nas pulled Ashley close and gave her a tight hug and kiss on the neck. “You look good too, and I see that body is still tight,” he whispered in her ear.

Ashley looked like she walked straight out of a magazine. She stood at 5’7, had long toned legs, a round ass, perky DD breast, and a snatched waist. His favorite thing about her was her juicy lips and big doe eyes. She also wore her hair real short. He remembered the first time she told him she was going to cut it off; it was right after they graduated. She wanted to try something different before heading off to college. Like most guys, he wasn’t sure if it would look good on her and begged her not to cut it, but, of course, she did it anyway. But, when she revealed her new hairstyle, he fell in love all over again. He’d seen many women try to pull off the short hairstyle, but no one ever did it quite like her. He was happy to see she was still rocking it.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, blushing, “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were moving to New York after you finished college?” Nas always planned to move there, but when he went to L.A. to visit the twins, he decided it would be the perfect place to start his real estate company. Everyone who wanted to be someone moved to the City of Angels. “After graduating college, the twins already had a place set up here, so instead of me moving back to Richmond while I figured out my move to New York, they let me crash with them. Long story short, I fell in love and stayed.” “Fell in love with the city or fell in love with some lady?” Ashley was hoping he said the city. After all the years they spent apart, she still wasn’t over him and was going to be devastated if she found out that he had fallen for someone other than her. In her mind, she believed they’d always reconnect and build the life they always dreamed of together. After all, he said he’d love her for the rest of his life. If he moved on, what chance did she really have when it came to getting him back? Both, he thought but decided to keep that bit of information to himself. Nas knew he should have told Ashley he was in a relationship with Rebecca, but he didn’t want to ruin the night. He’d eventually tell her, or maybe, he wouldn’t have to. At this point Nas already had one too many drinks and was feeling himself; it wasn’t going to hurt to flirt a little. From the moment that Ashley came his way and embraced him, he hadn’t left her side. He got caught up in reminiscing about the times they shared. He didn’t stop to think about how Rebecca would feel if she knew he was with his first love having the time of his life.

Gary and Brandon glanced at each other then proceeded to look over at their best friend dancing and smiling all in Ashley’s face. Gary secretly loved every bit of it. He wasn’t ready for Nas to settle down yet. He hadn’t reached that point in his life, and he knew his brother would eventually meet someone leaving him to live the bachelor life by his lonesome. He didn’t know what it felt like to be in love or have someone have his back during the good and bad. Nas had that with Rebecca, and although Gary wouldn’t admit it, he was always a little jealous of Nas’ relationship. “You think we should get him, G?” Brandon asked, still looking at Nas, “They look like they’re getting a little too comfortable.” “Nah, let him have his fun,” Gary said with a smirk on his face. “I got a bad feeling about this, but if you say so,” Brandon said, shaking his head at his brother. “He’s a grown-ass man. I’m sure he knows how to handle himself,” Gary responded and went back to entertaining Shantel’s friends. One of them was sitting on his lap slow grinding on him while another was rubbing on his neck.

Just as Brandon was making his way over to Shantel who was on the dance floor moving like a stripper, he saw Ashley grab Nas by the hand. She was leading him away from the crowd. Brandon was about to interfere, but before he could reach them, Shantel pulled him into her. “Dance with me, Brandon,” she said, pulling him closer. “Again?” We’ve been dancing all fucking night, he thought but didn’t want to hurt her feelings by saying “no.” “You’ve been watching Nas all night and haven’t paid me any attention. It’s like high school all over again.” Brandon started laughing because she was right. He was always making sure his brother and Nas stayed out of trouble all the while making sure he avoided her and any other hoodrat. “Trust me, baby, I’ve been watching that ass all night,” he said, looking her up and down then pulling her in close. Brandon was thinking about all the freaky shit he wanted to do to her, but he told himself he’d take her out a few times before taking her down. It wasn’t out of character for him to take his time getting to know a woman outside of the bedroom, but it had been years. He got so used to dealing with women who thought they were going to get in his pockets after spreading their legs that he stopped bothering getting to know them. With Shantel, he thought about taking a chance. “It’s not my business, but I have a feeling Nas is about to fuck up a good thing messing around with sneaky-ass Ashley.” “If I knew Ashley was going to be here tonight, I wouldn’t have told you guys to come. I don’t even like her,” Shantel said, rolling her eyes before she pointed towards VIP to a girl who looked just like her. Her hair was jet-black, which brought out her gray eyes. She was tall and slim unlike her sister who was short and thick. “She came with my older sister,” she said, smacking her lips, “Of all the people in the world, somehow, they ended up working the same job, and now, they’re best friends.” Brandon could tell Shantel didn’t like Ashley. He thought back to the time they almost got into a fight because Ashley swore she was trying to get with Nas. Surprisingly, he was the one guy in school she didn’t try sinking her teeth into, and it was probably because she had her eyes set on him.

Making their way through the crowded dance floor with Ashley guiding the way, Nas admired her body, getting excited every time she looked back to give him a sexy smile. She was bringing out feelings he thought were long gone. Approaching the bathrooms, Ashley pushed open the door to the women’s restroom, but before going all the way inside, she saw a group of girls in the mirror trying to fix their faces and plotting on some guys they saw in VIP. They must be talking about those bitch-ass friends of his, she thought. She wasn’t staying to hear the rest, so she quickly turned around. The only thing on her mind was getting reacquainted with what Nas had in his pants. Throughout their years of being apart, she had yet to find a man who could bring her to climax the way he did, and the thought of feeling him inside her again was making her moist. “Turn around and go in the men’s bathroom; no one is going to be in there.” “In here? You sure?” Nas asked, looking at Ashley in shock. “Trust me, the only bathroom that is ever occupied in the club is the women’s,” she said, stepping in front of Nas and making her way inside. “See, it’s empty. Only females worry about if they still look fuckable in the club,” she laughed, “Besides, if it wasn’t empty, and a guy saw you walk in here with me, he’d gladly leave.” Shit, I’d stay and watch that shit, he thought. Nas laughed because it was partially true. Now, if he were to walk into the women’s bathroom with Ashley, there would be a whole lot of gossiping and a chance that security would be found to kick his ass out. Plus, he couldn’t take a chance of running into anyone who may have known Rebecca.

Following behind Ashley, Nas locked the door and snatched her by the waist, pulling her close. His dick started to get hard as she lightly swayed her ass against him. He could see the smile on her face through the mirror, which made his dick grow even more. Nas began planting kisses on Ashley’s neck and caressing her inner thigh. She turned her head just enough for her lips to meet his. She began kissing him softly and biting on his bottom lip. Nas placed his hand up her red mini dress and gently rubbed her clit through the fabric of her thong. With every stroke of his finger, he could feel her getting wet as her legs started to shake. Moving her thong to the side, he slid his finger inside her wet pussy. With every moan that escaped her lips, he inserted another finger. “Fuck, that feels good,” she moaned as she grinded to the rhythm of his fingers going in and out of her pussy. “Is this still my pussy, Ashley?” he asked as he cupped her breast and massaged her insides. “Yes,” she screamed, “always will be.” Ashley grabbed his hand and removed it from between her legs. She turned around, looked him in the eyes, and licked the juices off each finger. Without saying a word, she kissed him on the lips, then nibbled on his ear while unbuckling his pants. She squatted down and yanked his pants down exposing his beautiful manhood. Before wrapping her lips around him, she began kissing it from the tip to the shaft, making her way back up to tongue kiss the tip. Ashley took him in like a popsicle on a hot summer day, making sure she swallowed every last drop when he came. Still not saying a word, she walked over to the sink, lifted up her dress and gave Nas, the come fuck me now eyes through the mirror. Nas walked towards Ashley, bent her over, and ripped off her thong. “Damn, that shit’s leaking,” he said, licking his lips. “…it tastes even better,” she replied. Kneeling down, he began to make love to her from the back with his tongue. Her juices were dripping down her thighs and covering his face. He continued to lick and suck on her clit until she screamed out his name. Someone started banging on the door, but they were too in the zone to give a fuck. “Damn, baby, you do taste good as fuck,” he said, licking his lips again. Nas then proceeded to massage Ashley’s pussy with his dick. She couldn’t take it any longer, and once see felt him touch her opening, she slid herself back slowly while squeezing her walls to make sure he felt every bit of her insides. Nas grabbed Ashley’s arms, lifting her off the sink and began fucking her like it would be the last time they ever saw each other. Ashley felt his dick jump inside her indicating that he was about to cum. She started throwing it in a circle, and before she knew it, they were coming together as Nas grabbed her by the neck. “That shit is better than I remember,” he said before he pulled up his pants and left her to fix herself up.

Just as he was making his way back towards VIP, he saw Brandon looking at him like he had something to get off his chest. “You good, B?” he asked as he got closer to Brandon. Your girl won’t be, thought Brandon. Ashley came walking up behind Nas with satisfaction written all over her face. Nas had her smiling from ear-to-ear; the bitch was glowing. “I’m good, Nas. I just hope she was worth it,” he said, giving Ashley the evil-eye. Fuck, that was probably him at the door, Nas thought. Nas hadn’t realized that Brandon peeped him and Ashley sneak off together. Of all his friends, Brandon was the only one who was truly supportive of his relationship with Rebecca, and he had gotten really close to her. They were damn-near best friends, so now the look of disappointment on his face was starting to make sense. Right then, it hit Nas that he fucked up, and it was time to go. “Aye, it’s getting late,” he said, looking at Ashley then back towards Brandon, “I’ll catch up with you guys another time.”

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