Organized Chaos-Part 6: The Setup

“What did you get yourself into DeWayne?”

  Det. Danny Watkins was muttering to himself as he was pulling out of the precinct parking lot. The veteran police office was on his way to see someone that may know DeWayne’s whereabouts: Johnathan. He found it strange that DeWayne was asking so many questions about the case but could not figure out why. He was still thinking on that when he arrived at Johnathan’s apartment. Before he went in, he noticed a vehicle he had not seen in a while. He headed up and knocked on the door only to be greeted by Johnathan.

“Can I come in?”

What do you need?”

  Det. Watkins then explained he was looking for DeWayne and wanted to know if he had seen him because of his keen interest in the shooting near the movies. Johnathan shook his head no and then asked Det. Watkins if that was all he needed and proceeded to act annoyed by the question Watkins asked him. The detective would eventually leave the apartment inhabited by Johnathan, but he did notice that it seemed Johnathan was rushing him out of the apartment as if he had something else to tend to. As Det. Watkins went to his car, he again noticed the car he saw had not moved and he began reflect about the fun times he had with the owner of that vehicle.

  Six months ago, Det. Watkins was hanging out in a bar and he say a voluptuous Black woman walk towards him.

“What’s your name stranger?”

“My name is Danny and who might you be?”

“My name is Rasheeda and I am going to dedicate this next number on stage to you.”

  As she hit the stage, it seemed like Rasheeda was in a zone and focused on Danny the entire time. Rasheeda proceeded to belt out the lyrics to “Anytime, Anyplace” and Danny knew what time it was. He waited until Rasheeda’s set was over and when the bar was about to close and pulled her close as she passed by him.

 “My place or yours?”

  Rasheeda quickly broke out a smile as she knew she was going to get what she wanted. They headed back to Rasheeda’s place and began to have passionate sex right there in her living room, not even making it to her bed. Afterwards, Danny would leave, but not after he got Rasheeda’s number and told her he would call her tomorrow.

 At that point, Danny snapped back into reality, as he was still sitting parked outside the apartment. When he snapped out of his trance, he noticed Johnathan and a woman who looked like Rasheeda getting into her vehicle. Sensing something was up, he followed them from a distance and noticed they were going to a spot on the river. Watkins did not know what was going on, but he was going to find out.

  Rasheeda, when at the river, was still emotional over shooting her brother. She was crying in the river while Johnathan was trying to console her. At this point, only Johnathan and Rasheeda knew his carcass was down in the river, but no one else was aware.

“What did I do?!!”

“You did what you had to do Rasheeda.”  

  Johnathan and Rasheeda were so lost in the moment they were having that they did not notice Det. Watkins had discreetly gotten close to them and heard some of the conversation. For people that had committed murder, Johnathan and Rasheeda were very cavalier with their actions. Anyone within an earshot of them would have heard what they were talking about. Danny took notes and decided he was going to hang on to them and potentially get a search warrant for Johnathan’s apartment.

  Danny headed back to his car and back to the precinct with the information he had and walked right into questions from his boss about DeWayne.

“I don’t know where he is boss. I have not seen him. And isn’t it getting near 48 hours of him being missing? I fear something is wrong boss. Can we start a search for him?”

  Det. Watkins convinced his boss to open up a search for DeWayne and let him head it up as well. The first thing he did was go to Cherry and DeWayne’s apartment to ask some questions. And that is where he found out the first bombshell of this story.

“Last I saw DeWayne, he was fuming mad at me Danny and he had every right to be. I slept with my boss Johnathan.”

  When Danny heard this, he could not believe it. He asked Cherry what this Johnathan looked like and the description matched the man he saw holding Rasheeda. At that point, he wondered what all happened leading up to this. Danny also flashed back to the moment in time DeWayne was mad at him.

“Leave my sister alone Danny.”

  At this time, Rasheeda had come to visit DeWayne at the precinct and Danny thought she was coming to visit him.

“You know my sister?”

“Yes. We have kinda been involved.”

  At that point, Danny saw the fury in DeWayne come out as moved closer.

 “I don’t want my sister hurt or left alone. Our jobs are dangerous. Please, I am asking you to leave her alone. She’s been through enough things in life.”

  Danny listened and he broke off his relationship with Rasheeda and everything was all good with DeWayne and Danny from there on out.

  As he snapped back into reality, he realized that DeWayne knew something and apparently he had to pay for that. He bided adieu to Cherry and told her he would have answers as fast as possible for her. Instead of going back to the office with the information, Danny decided he would find out more information. He went back to the spot where he saw Rasheeda and Johnathan and amazingly, he saw Rasheeda there standing alone.

“Hello stranger.”

  Rasheeda looked startled to see Danny.

“What are you doing here? I have seen you in a while when you just disappeared.”

  Danny smiled when she said that. He still had a thing for her even after not being around her for a while and apparently, she still felt something for him because she was smiling sheepishly at him.

“When was the last time you saw your brother?”

“He came down to the club one night and that was the last time I saw him.”

  Rasheeda was trying her best to lie, but she forgot Danny was a good detective and he also could tell when she was lying. Her left eye twitched and she could not look you straight in the face when she was not telling the truth. Danny never forgot that and he called her on her lie.

“You know something don’t you?”

Rasheeda tried to say no, but he came at her again.

“Where is DeWayne? You know I know you lied to me the first time I asked you.”

“Leave it alone Danny.”

“No Rasheeda. If you know something, you had better let it be known.”

Danny reached out to Rasheeda to comfort her.

“Johnathan made me do it. He made me kill him!”

  As Danny heard this shocking confession, he did not know how to react. He could have arrested her right then and there, but he then had a flush of emotions run through his body as Rasheeda looked at him, accentuating those almond-shaped brown eyes. He could see the pain in her eyes and felt sorry for her.

“I’m sorry you’re going through this.”  

“He made me come live with him and everything. It was all a big mistake.”

Rasheeda was crying at this point.

“He’s right here below us in the water in trash bags.”

  Rasheeda pointed down to the river where they had buried DeWayne in the water. Danny had what he needed, but he felt he owed it to DeWayne to help Rasheeda and since DeWayne was dead, he felt he could get Rasheeda back at the same time.

“I’m going to help you get out of this. I just need to know all the information.”

  Rasheeda began to spill all the information to Danny and told him that Johnathan would be coming home in about two hours from work and that they could catch him in the apartment and kill him there.

Danny was all in on the plan and began to get ready.

“I will meet you at his apartment in about an hour and then we will handle this and get some justice for your brother.”

The two would hug and go their separate ways. Danny got in his car and pulled off, but Rasheeda sat in her car for a while. She then received a call from Johnathan to tell her he would be home a little late and ask about dinner. At that point, Rasheeda began to explain the chance meeting she had with Det. Watkins and what the plan she drew up with him.

“Well Rasheeda, time to tie up another loose end.”

  Whether he knew it or not, Det. Danny Watkins just became the next target for Johnathan and Rasheeda.


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