Misha’s Room Season 2 Debut


Hey motherfucker, hey, hi, how you doing?? (That’s a Wayne reference for those that don’t know. I’m a HUGE Wayniac, so yeah haha). Anyway, how have ya’ll been?! Thanks for tuning in to the Season 2 debut of Misha’s Room!!! For those that are new to the podcast, Misha’s Room is a place for intentional reflection, exploration, and education. We dive into the purpose, meaning, and lessons hidden in the stanzas of my poems to explore different perspectives and ever-evolving mindsets. Welcome, and make yourself at home!

Be aware this episode, I’m going to share a bunch of information and talk a lot about my views as well as how I plan to make this world a much better place. I’ve spent the past 20+ years shrinking myself to keep OTHERS comfortable. Those days are over. I’m here. I exist. I take up space. My intersecting identities hold power, and I am no longer fighting the urge to lean into it. Thank you for joining me on my pursuit of liberation. I hope you enjoy my stories. I hope you start to question your perspective and feel encouraged to live out loud. You deserve it.

My NEWLY RELEASED collection of poetry Scattered Showers will be available through jermishafrazier.com, Amazon.com, or Barnesandnoble.com on September 16, 2019! Order your copy to follow along! I hope you enjoy the updates, and I can’t wait to spend this season of Misha’s Room with you!


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