I Used To Love Her: Part 9-The Shadows Talk

Man crying in the shadows

“What is going on Karen?” said a frightened David.

“They were trying to separate you from me, David. I could not have that happen.”

As David lay in the bed in pain, he wondered how things progressed to this level. He did not know what he had done to make Karen flip a switch like this over him, but apparently, there was no turning it off.

Meanwhile, Marlon was pulling up at the police station.

“Is Detective Mitchell here?” asked a wounded Marlon to the front desk clerk.

Marlon slumped in a seat in the police office lobby until Detective Mitchell came out to greet him.

“We need to get you to a hospital,” said Detective Mitchell.

“Not before I give you this evidence I have.”

Marlon then provided Detective Mitchell with black clothes that had pieces of glass in them along with some of the pictures on his phone.

“Karen did this. Karen killed Marley. And I am pretty sure she shot me with the weapon she killed Marley with.”

“Where did you find this evidence?”

“It was in her parents’ barn. In a secret room under it. There’s all kinds of stuff there. Karen has apparently been crazy and crazy over David for years and she has finally snapped. Heck, she shot me and she is the reason I am in the shape I’m in.”

“Okay, Marlon. You’ve done all you can. Now let’s get you to a hospital.”

Detective Mitchell called an ambulance for Marlon and had him sent there to get his wound addressed. After Detective Mitchell got Marlon taken care of, it was time for him to get down to business.

“Let’s get this warrant,” he said as he made his way over to get his paperwork together.

Marlon felt like he finally had done something right. He was courageous enough to get the evidence and take it to the police. And with Detective Mitchell working to get the warrant together and him going to the hospital, it seemed like things were going to be okay until Marlon noticed something as he was riding in the ambulance.

“Hey, driver. We just passed the hospital.”

“I know. We’re going somewhere else. By the way, there is a little something extra in that anesthesia we put on you. Goodnight,” said the mysterious voice from the driver side of the vehicle.

And just like that, Marlon passed out in the back of the ambulance.

While Marlon was headed to parts unknown, Detective Mitchell was completing that search warrant. The case of Marley Sundance had been open for a while and no one knew who did it nor had any evidence of who did what. Solving this case would be huge for Detective Mitchell, as this would be a crowning achievement in his career. The search warrant was finally complete. It was time to head to Karen’s parents’ farm to get more evidence and then head to Karen’s to hopefully make an arrest.

“Where am I?” asked a dazed Marlon as he awoke from his slumber.

Marlon was strapped to a chair with a masked man in all black sitting right in front of him with his gun sitting on his lap.

“Amazing what happens when you tattle on people,” said a mysterious man.

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw you go into the police department today. I saw you go in there with evidence on Karen. What were you expecting to prove with that?”

“I was trying to solve the Marley Sundance murder. She did it.”

“Why can’t you leave well enough alone Marlon? Why does that need to even be solved anyway?”

“Justice had to be served.”

“And who made you the judge?”

At this point, Marlon was scrambling in his mind, frantically trying to figure out who this mysterious person was. He knew it could not be Allen because he was dead. He knew it could not be David because Karen had him right now. Who could it be?

As Marlon was trying to figure things out, the mystery man got out of his metal chair and put his gun against the head of Marlon. Marlon could feel the cold steel of a gun to his temple.

“Marlon, I have been watching you and honestly, I am surprised you’ve made it this far.  But like all journeys, they must come to an end. Any last words.”

“Who are you?”

“The last person to see you alive.”

The mysterious man shot Marlon in his head and the impact knocked Marlon’s lifeless body to the floor as blood splattered everywhere. As soon as Marlon’s body it the floor, the mystery man decided it was time to get out of there and he abandoned the ambulance and fled on foot to a vehicle, peeling out like he was on a mission.

As the mystery man was pulling out, Detective Mitchell was pulling in at Karen’s parents’ house. He had his team with him scouring the premises and noticed there was a barn off in the distance. No one seemed to be home, so Detective Mitchell went there along with some backup. As soon as he entered, he noticed where there seemed to be some tire track marks, and he noticed the door Marlon was telling him about at the police station. Detective Mitchell went down into the secret room, and exactly as Marlon showed him on his phone, there was some craziness down there and it had Karen written all over it. Pictures of David were everywhere and the evidence to match what Marlon gave to him was overwhelming. Now, all he had to do is locate Karen to get some answers and put her away for good. He raced back to his car and jetted to Karen’s house.

While he was jetting there, Karen was getting ready to move yet again.

“We have to get out of here, David. Here are your crutches.”

David didn’t want to go, but he was afraid of what would happen if he told Karen he didn’t want to go. So, he positioned his crutches and started to hobble out of the bedroom and towards the front door. David and Karen were both going out the door when all of a sudden, both get hit in the head and knocked out cold. The mystery man had paid them a visit and from the looks of it, there was going to be no joy spread. He broke out into a smile, but he quickly replaced that smile with the look of business, as he needed to get Karen and David’s bodies in his car as soon as possible.

The mystery man got them both in the trunk of his vehicle and pulled off just as soon as the police were showing up, blowing past them in his car while the police were wondering who that was.

Detective Mitchell pulled up to Karen’s place and noticed the door was unlocked, there was some blood on the front porch and there was no one home. Immediately, Detective Mitchell pulled out his gun and paused before entering Karen’s place. Once he made himself comfortable, he noticed the apartment looked ready to rent to someone, but he did also smell a little of a stench coming from the bedroom and as soon as he opened the door, he saw the two lifeless bodies of Karen’s parents laying across Karen’s bed.

“Everybody was looking for who it could have been and she was right under my eye,” said a dejected Detective Mitchell. As he combed the scene for clues along with the rest of this apartment, he couldn’t really find something that would give them a clue as to where they were. He looked and looked along with his staff, but they could not find anything. However, he did think on the vehicle that blew past them. He noticed that where the vehicle was pulling out from had a camera right above it and that footage could be something he could use to maybe drum up some more clues.

“We need to get some footage of that car that passed by us. Maybe we’ll know where Karen is.”

Karen and David came to roughly three hours later, and they woke up to themselves tied back to back in wooden chairs. And then as they were getting acclimated, a door opened and it was the mystery man walking in with his mask.

“What do you want from us?” asked Karen.

“I got plans for us.”

“There is much more to this than you finding out who I am,” said the mystery man as he took off his mask and stood in the light.

“Are you surprised to see me?”






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