Diviniti is Shontelle Jackson, The Loving Best Friend in Reckless Behavior

BAY AREA, CA- The Bay Area’s very own actress, songstress and model Diviniti Smith has been cast as Shontelle Jackson, the loving and supportive best friend of Michaela Holloway in Reckless Behavior The Series.  Smith has starred in many productions such as “All Day And A Night” a movie that was written and directed by Joe Robert Cole who is well known for his work in “Black Panther”. Smith also starred in “Baylawz” a film created in and for the Bay Area starring Omar Gooding. Recently she worked on a film in Las Vegas, Nevada called “The Other Side Of Infinity” a Lionsgate film Co-Produced by Brad Pitt as the girl who “had it all”. In addition, she’s hosted for a Bay Area show called “Sugar the Late Show” where she interviewed different talent and celebrities and discussed main events. She’s also been featured in over 10 music videos including one for the famous Bay Area rapper E-40.

Smith was inspired to pursue a career in acting after her role on Project Chef, a segment that was to be aired on BET. After being in the camera spotlight and seeing all the networking opportunities, she felt that she should at least TRY to for a living.

Regarding her character in Reckless Behavior, Smith said:

“I actually admire Shontelle because she’s not only a playful character (like myself) but she also seems to be somewhat of a safe place for Michaela and a voice of reason in the midst of chaos which is very natural for me to portray, because I feel like I can really relate to my character.”

Smith is from Palo Alto, California and currently resides in Oakland, California. In her spare time, Smith goes on road trips and travels to LA for acting, modeling and music opportunities. She loves writing music, reading, going to art events, cooking and biking.

To stay updated on Reckless Behavior The Series and for all the behind the scenes moments prior to the show’s release in January 2020, make sure you follow @Queenmediacollective and Diviniti Smith @ladydiviniti on Instagram.


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