The Past Lives-Part 7: Turning Up The Heat


“How did you two let him escape?” said Jewel.

Jude and Janet sat up front, irritated that Jewel even asked them that and even more irritated that Jaron escaped.

“Why don’t you sit back and chill in the backseat? We have to get out of town now!” said a frustrated Jude.

The trio set their sights on getting back to Jewel’s place for her to grab some things and hopefully finding a way to get Jaron before leaving town.

Meanwhile at Dr. Morris’ house, the reaction Dr. Morris received from his wife was exactly what he had expected.

“What’s the next step Patricia?” asked the doctor of his wife.

It was almost like Dr. Morris was talking to no one because Patricia was stuck in the moment that changed her life back when she last saw Seona.

All she could remember was hearing the sound of Texas Slim slamming into the bathroom door over and over again. She eventually got up, once she got tired of the noise, but at that point, the damage was done and Texas Slim was dead and all she saw was Seona holding the hammer. Patricia loved Slim. She, however, had no love for her daughters at all. She blamed them now for two loses in her life.

Before Patricia met Slim and before Seona and Desire came about, Patricia was out there in the streets of San Diego making money the best way she knew how. She would work day and night while her pimp, Sweet Daddy, would squeeze her for all she was worth while abusing her routinely because he wanted to make sure she knew who was boss.

Sweet Daddy, who would call Patricia by Patty, was ruthless when it came to his money and he did not trust a soul.

“Patty, you better have my money and have it right now,” he said while grinding his teeth together. “If you don’t have my money, that isn’t gonna be a good situation for you baby.”

“I got your money Sweet Daddy,” said Patricia.

“Is this all of it? You aren’t hiding any money out are you Patty?”

“No Sweet Daddy. I would not do that to you.”

You better not Patty. Or else things could get ugly.”

Patty would work tirelessly for Sweet Daddy, constantly in fear for her life and that fear became even worse when she had some news for Sweet Daddy one day.

“I’m pregnant Sweet Daddy.”

Sweet Daddy was upset but he knew he had dabbled with his women and knew getting one of his prostitutes pregnant could happen.

“Well, what are you going to do with it?” said Sweet Daddy.

“I’m going to keep the baby Sweet Daddy,”

As soon as she committed to the baby, Sweet Daddy knew it was over for him treating her like his other women, plus he knew he was starting to have feelings for her.  Patricia would continue to work until she was showing and then would be in Sweet Daddy’s house, awaiting the birth of their first child, Seona.

While Seona was on the way and growing inside Patricia’s stomach, Sweet Daddy was growing impatient with Patricia not being out on the street. He was ready for her to have the baby so she could get back on the street.  She was his best girl and he knew it.

Seona finally arrived, but instead of Patricia going back like Sweet Daddy wanted, she wanted to stay with her baby. Sweet Daddy was having none of it.

“You’re getting back out on this street or we are not gonna have any money for Seona.”

“No I will not until my baby is a little older.”

Sweet Daddy would argue with her but he knew she needed to be there for their baby and that she was right. For the first time in his life, feelings had overrode his sense of business. So from there on out, Patricia never wondered the streets again. She was taken care of by Sweet Daddy, who would work the other women he had harder to make up for the loss of Patricia.

Patricia would soon get pregnant again by Sweet Daddy and to her would be born Desire. It seemed like Patricia was going to be Sweet Daddy’s woman of the hour, but then one fatal turn changed it all.

Sweet Daddy was always pushing his women to get more and bring in more. He knew he had two mouths to feed and Patricia to take care of. Sweet Daddy taking care of Patricia along with Seona and Desire was bothering the women and they were about sick of the special treatment he was giving Patricia because of her two kids by him. So on this one particular night, the girls decided to set Sweet Daddy up.

The plan was for the women to do their usual meeting at the end of the night where Sweet Daddy collects their money, surround him and then have one shoot him. Only one woman had a weapon to shoot him and her name was Carla. The beautiful young woman was one of Sweet Daddy’s top earners but also was the woman he rode the hardest. She wanted nothing more than to put a bullet between the eyes of Sweet Daddy.

The sun fell out of the sky and night came on the scene as the ladies gathered after a long night of work in a side alley away from view of everyone.

“You got my money ladies?” said Sweet Daddy like he always would.

As he was talking, the ladies surrounded him and then Carla took the floor.

“We got money, but it isn’t for you. You’ve been working us to the bone while thinking we are just gonna sit idle by and let all our hard work go to taking care of Patricia and your kids? no sir. This ends tonight.”

Carla brandished a small gun out of her purse and then said her final words to Sweet Daddy.

“Pimp this Sweet Daddy.”

Carla squeezed the trigger and unloaded on Sweet Daddy four shots that would drop him to his knees. And then once he dropped to his knees, she did as she said she was going to do, putting one right in the middle of his eyes.

All the women scattered as Sweet Daddy dropped to the ground face-first.

Back at Sweet Daddy’s house, Patricia woke up the next morning to notice Sweet Daddy was not back. She turned on the television to provide some noise while she fixed some breakfast and got food prepared for Seona and Desire. The news just so happened to be on the television and the message Patricia would hear would rock her world.

“Pimp Sweet Daddy was found dead last night in an alley in downtown San Diego. Police are still investigating the scene.”

Patricia would immediately fall to her knees crying, as her world would change. She was not sure how she was going to live without Sweet Daddy at all. Patricia would blame herself initially for Sweet Daddy getting killed.

“If I were only there instead of acting like a mother,” said Patricia to herself through the tears.

Her sadness would eventually turn into anger towards her children. She believed if they weren’t here, then she would have had a happier life and Sweet Daddy would still be alive. That anger would carry over for the rest of her time around her kids and even after what happened to Sweet Daddy. And after Desire got out before she was able to get to her, she wanted both of them dead.

Patricia finally came out of her haze and answered Dr. Morris.

“We have to get to Desire’s apartment. Desire invited me over once, giving me the address. She really thought I wanted to mend the fences with her and all we did was shout and yell at each other until the police came. The only reason I didn’t kill her that night is because there would have been too many witnesses. Seona will more than likely want to see her sister before she gets out of town and if she stays at the same place, we will be there to catch them both.”

Dr. Morris took the orders and the couple moved towards his car.

“Thank you for making me so happy honey. Oh and Desire goes by Jewel these days. She changed her name.”

And with that, the couple pulled out of the parking lot, headed towards Jewel’s apartment as fast as they could.

Meanwhile at Jewel’s apartment, she was scrambling frantically trying to grab a bag and throw as much stuff as she needed into it. She knew time was of the essence.

“Any ideas where Jaron may have gone?” said Jewel as she tossed more clothes into a large duffle bag she had found in her closet.

“None. Maybe we will find him, but we have to get you packed and out of here now,” said Janet.

Jewel took a little longer than Jude and Janet would have wanted, but she finally got packed and was ready to go.

The trio started to the vehicle, with Jewel throwing all her stuff in the back of the vehicle.

As Janet was getting ready to turn the key to the vehicle, a gun paralyzed her as she felt it up against her temple.

“Well, glad to see you again Seona,” said Patricia

“I go by Janet now,” Janet said while gritting her teeth.

“You were gonna slide out of town and not see your dear old mom one time?” Patricia said with a creepy smile on her face. “We’ve got some unfinished business and yeah Jewel, it’s time I finish what I should have the night I came over here to see you.”

Jude was coming to realize that maybe Janet and Jewel were more trouble than he realized at the beginning. So instead of leaving San Diego, all three were being held up by Jewel and Janet’s mom and some strange man on the other side of the car waiving a gun.




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