Misha’s Room Episode 9: When They See Us

IMG_7224-1Hey everybody, I hope y’all missed me! Thank you for continuously supporting me and my work! I know I dipped out without warning, but moves were (and are) being made. This episode of Misha’s Room is a little different.

I finally watched the Netflix Series When They See Us (directed by Ava Duvernay, one of my creative role models and her brilliant team) in its entirety and my heart is just as heavy as expected. This series touched so close to home that some adolescent experiences I buried deep in my subconscious feel the need to surface.

I met my very best friend in 2nd grade. He was a popular asshole, and I was the soft spoken nerd with a lot of shit to say. We clicked and have been inseparable since. If you know me, you know nobody can tell me shit when it comes to my best friend. We grew up from curious kids doing acrobatics at recess to adventurous adolescents just trying to make it. And we did, together. Misha and Breezy.

My mama would always say “Trouble is easy to get into, but hard as fuck to get out.” We learned that lesson first hand our sophomore year of high school. Although Breezy embodies the essence of Black Boy Joy, that’s not the same image When They See Us. Here’s yet another piece of me, enjoy your time in Misha’s Room.



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