The Past Lives- Part 2: Ready for Payback

Ryan was in terror as his eyes came into focus and recognized Jude. And for as much fear as Ryan had in his eyes, there was a look of vengeance in the eyes of Jude. He had been waiting for the moment where he would see his former best friend again.

“I owe you a lot Ryan and it isn’t all good either,” said Jude with a creepy smile on his face.

Ryan and Jude used to be inseparable as best friends. When they weren’t at work, they were hanging out with each other at the local bar or clubs in San Diego. The crazy thing is the places they used to spin so much of their time would be the undoing of them as a dynamic duo.

On one Friday evening six weeks prior to this re-connection, Ryan and Jude both met a woman that would change both their lives. As soon as she hit the door, her slim-athletic build captured their attention. And with a face this side of heaven, she flashed a smile that had both of them drunk in love immediately.  The only question remaining was who would speak first.

“Hello, my name is Jude. What is your name?”

“My name is Jewel. And who might you be?”

From there, Jude and Jewel separated themselves from Ryan and Ryan could not stand it. His best friend had a woman keeping his attention and he was there by himself or at best, the third wheel to their good times.

That night began to spawn the deep frustration Ryan had with Jewel. She broke up his bromance and he was not happy about it. He found Jewel attractive and the fact that he lost the battle for her heart by not speaking up bothered him.

As time would go on, Jewel and Jude would grow even closer and in the process, Ryan was getting less and less time with his best friend all the while an obsession was growing inside of him for Jewel. The way she talked, the way she walked, the way she carried herself had him sprung and maybe even obsessed with her.

Some nights he would find himself stalking Jewel’s Facebook page, as she posted some racy pictures that would have him repeatedly going to her page and staring at how beautiful she was. He wanted her, but he knew he could not have her or even have a chance at her as long as Jude was around.

One night while Ryan was starring at her page and was wondering why he wasn’t with her, he then decided he was going to do something about it. He wanted Jewel and it wasn’t like Jude was his best friend anymore, as they barely hung out.

So the plan was simple, he was going to drug Jude’s drink and ditch him in the ocean in San Diego. Now the only thing he had to do was find a way to get the drugs he needed.

Ryan remembered a guy he and Jude went to school with name Jaron. He was the really smart kid everyone knew in school that made his money writing papers for everyone in high school and college. Well, Jaron would go on to become a doctor and Ryan still had a fairly good relationship with him and wanted to see if he could assist him.

“Jaron? Hey, this is Ryan. How is everything going? Could we meet up at Loco’s tonight? Let’s get a couple drinks and catch up.”

Jaron was able to meet up with Ryan and as they sat at the bar, they remembered all the good times they had in college although sporadically around each other. Then once Ryan had him comfortable, he asked him for his help with his plan.

“Jaron, I really need your help with the plan. I need some Rohypnol.”

At that point, Jaron looked at him like he was crazy.

“You really want some of that stuff Ryan? That’s dangerous stuff. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you’re trying to drug someone.”

“Well, I am,” said Ryan.  “I cannot tell you who or when it will happen, but I need your help and I am willing to pay you.”

At that point, Ryan went into the inside pocket of his suit and grabbed an envelope that contained a ton of $100 bills.

“Will this convince you to help me out?,” said Ryan as he handed Jaron the envelope with the money.

Jaron, who was going through his own issues and trying to finish paying off medical school among other things, could not refuse the money.

“Come by the hospital Thursday night. I should be able to get those for you,” said Jaron.

“Good Jaron. I will have the money for you when you get me the drugs.”

That Thursday, Jaron got the drugs for Ryan, still not knowing who he was going to use them on, and he patiently waited on Ryan to get there.

Ryan arrived 15 minutes after Jaron got the Rohypnol for him and like he promised, he had the money for him. As he took out the package, he then had other instructions for Jaron.

“Don’t say a word about you getting this for me to anyone. If you do, I will be coming back to see you and it will not be a good doctor’s visit.”

Ryan would hand over the money, which happened to be $3,000 cash, and then hop back in his car and speed off.

As Ryan was speeding off, he called Jude to set up the end of his plan.

“Hey Jude. What are you doing tomorrow night?’

Jude, like usual, responded and said that he would be hanging out with Jewel again.

To that Ryan responded, “Can we hang out one night like we used to back before she came along? Just one night brotha.”

Jude, although he did not want to hang out with Ryan, agreed to do so because of the history of their friendship.

Jude and Ryan met up at Loco’s, which was the bar Ryan met Jaron at earlier to set up the plan. The two were icy at first after some time not hanging with each other, but as the night went on, the two began to pound drinks like they used to. Things began to flow like they used to and they were the dynamic duo once again. Ryan was loving it all. He had his best friend back for the night, but in the back of his mind he was loving that his plan was going great. All he needed was his chance to slide the Rohypnol into Jude’s drink.

Jude would signal to a bartender to bring a new drink over to Jude and while Jude would turn his head, Ryan would slide a couple of the pills into his drink, with it dissolving before Jude ever noticed.  At this point, drinks were tasting like water to Jude and he downed that drink with no problem at all.

It wasn’t before long that Jude began to complain about feeling groggy and just like that, he blacked out.

Ryan, of course, grabbed him and then led him out of the bar and to his car. Jude did not know, but Ryan had tape and everything in his car for the final part of his plan. Loco’s was maybe a five minute drive from the ocean, so he took Jude, who was passed out, to the beach where he had a small motorboat waiting for him. Ryan taped up Jude’s hands and feet, and put a blindfold over his eyes. Then came the tough part: putting Jude in the motorboat.

Ryan was a smaller guy, standing only 5’6″ and slight of build. Jude was a bigger gentleman, standing at 6’1″ and he was a muscular. Needless to say, Ryan had his work cut out for him. He eventually was able to muscle Jude into the boat, but it took all the energy he had to do so. Once he got Jude in the boat, he would crank up the motor and watch the boat fly off into the ocean that night with no one in sight to see it happen. Ryan had succeeded in getting rid of Jude and in the process, he took Jude’s phone and made sure to throw it in the ocean so that he could have no chance of calling anyone should he wake up in the ocean sometime that morning.

The next morning, Jewel woke up to Jude not coming home. She knew he was going to Loco’s the previous night with Ryan, so she rode by and saw Jude’s car, but no one was there. She waited until the bar opened and spoke to the owner who said Jude was a mess and Ryan helped him out.  At that point, Jewel was nervous, but she could not file a police report because he had not been missing for 24-48 hours. As she returned home, she noticed a Ryan sitting in front of her apartment complex.

As Jewel hopped out of his car, Ryan immediately had a question for her, “Have you seen Jude? I helped him outside and he said he was taking an Uber home.”

“I have not seen him. Lord, where is my Jude!” Jewel began to cry on Ryan’s shoulder and he consoled her.

All the while, Jude was at sea and presumed dead. But one thing Ryan forgot to do was fill the gas up for the motorboat. The boat only ran for a few hours before shutting off. Jude would wake up the next morning in a boat with a mysterious woman asking was he okay.

“Hello sir,” said the mystery woman. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know where I am,” said Jude.

“You’re in Mexico sir, said the mystery woman.

“How far am I from San Diego?”

“You are about four hours away”

Jude noticed he did not have any money, no cell phone and no identification, so he seemingly was out of luck in getting back in a fast manner. He was upset noticeably because the last thing he remembered was drinking a drink from Ryan. He knew he was drunk, but he had never been so drunk he did not know where he was. He knew Ryan was up to something, but he had to get back and find out what he was up to.

“What’s your name miss by the way?” asked Jude.

“My name is Janet. How can I help you?”

“Well, can you help me get back to San Diego?” asked Jude.

“We are going to have to do it the hard way because we have no money and no identification, and I am not wanted in the states due to some past things that happened to me. But I’m down for an adventure.”

From then on out, Jude planned his way to get back to San Diego while Ryan consoled Jewel while getting close to her in Jude’s absence.

Fast forward to present day and Jude was ready to get his payback on Ryan. He had made his way back to the states and into the life of Ryan.

As soon as he was about to tell Ryan how he got back to him and found him, Ryan’s phone rang. Jude would put Ryan up to the phone.

“Hello? Ryan are you okay,” said a nervous Jewel on the other line.

“I’m okay,” said Ryan, but Jude would snatch the phone away from Ryan’s ear at that point and then take over the conversation.

“Remember me Jewel? We got some unfinished business.”

Jewel was shocked, as she would hear what appeared to be a bat swing and hit someone in the background as the phone seemed to hit the floor. Repeated hits of the bat were heard until a thud rang through the phone as if a body dropped and hit the floor.

Then she heard the phone get picked up by someone. “Hey Jewel. You’re next.”

The phone immediately hung up after the creepy words from Jude.


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