Are You As “Woke” As You Think?


Ok guys, we all know that African Americans are going through a period of awakening. However, I feel like most of you don’t really know what it means to be “woke.” Hopefully this piece will give you all some insight.

We as a people need to do more then trying to get Caucasians to accept us, because let’s be real, they never will. At least not today. We need to start doing for ourselves the same way they do, and every other race for that matter. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there is anything wrong with supporting your culture, but as African Americans go we generally do not support our brothers and sister business’s. I hear all the time, “black people don’t know how to run a store.” Or “how can I trust us, I know we shady.” Come on guys, that’s colonizer talk. We need to get rid of that narrative that African Americans are lazy, untrustworthy etc. How can we expect other ethnicities to view us differently if we do not do it ourselves? Stop giving to these racist corporations who don’t care about us, and give back to our communities. That brings me to this, African Americans literally spend 1.3 trillion dollars annually. That’s crazy to me how we can spend that much on these evil corporations who think of us as nothing more than thugs and monkeys. Every day I see these places following us around in stores, punching our African sisters in the face, demanding they see receipts. And yet we still go back to these places, out of what, convenience? I’m just saying your money is obviously worth something if we account for 1.3 trillion dollars. All of these protests aren’t doing anything, so let’s hit them where it really hurts: their pockets.


We all remember the Montgomery bus protests, right? Why do you think it was so effective? We accounted for 75% of the passengers. I don’t need to do any math for you to understand that right? Learn your history my brothers and sisters, we are more powerful then you know. This is the first piece I will be doing on all things African. It’s time we start learning about where we come from, not just from the slave trade, but our actual roots in the mother land, but that’s a piece for another time. I’ll end on this note. African Americans helped to build this country and together we can shape its future. Its time for us to stop pandering to these people who mean to do us harm and start investing in Black owned businesses.  



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