My Life Be Like

Undocumented Value

Every day I ask myself, why me? What makes me special? Why would anyone care about my story? How exactly am I like Jose Vargas, Julissa Arce, and the many other immigration writers I admire and aim to emulate? Before having books published, Jose Vargas found success as a journalist, and Julissa Arce reached success… Continue reading Undocumented Value

My Life Be Like

Becoming American

Recently, I shared a brief summary of my last four years in Brazil. It was essentially what I could provide as context; context into who I was before I was a DREAMer. When my dreams were theoretical, my identity was Brazilian. When I came here for the chance to live out my mom’s dreams of… Continue reading Becoming American


Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg

Background: Born in South Bend, Indiana 37 years old Majored in History and Literature at Harvard University President of Harvard's Institute of Policy Student Advisory Committee Resume: Naval Intelligence officer 2009-2017 Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-present) Youngest Mayor in South Bend History Pros: In favor of universal background checks Wants to end the electoral… Continue reading Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg

Go Awf!

Are You As “Woke” As You Think?

Ok guys, we all know that African Americans are going through a period of awakening. However, I feel like most of you don’t really know what it means to be “woke.” Hopefully this piece will give you all some insight. We as a people need to do more then trying to get Caucasians to accept… Continue reading Are You As “Woke” As You Think?