My 1st Full Time Job

I have officially been at my first full time job for a month.                                                                             It has definitely been an different experience for me. Working from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM  Monday through Friday has been rough. Not so much because of the work, but waking up in the morning to get there. I am not a morning person so I was looking for at least a 9 to 5, but being a broke college graduate you have to take what you can get. It is great being done so early in the day. Working part time and getting off work at 9 PM or 10 PM at night was terrible. Then having to wake up early the next day for class… I am glad that is over. However, I still miss sleeping in. My body is so used to waking up at 6 AM I even wake up early on weekends.

I like having a full time job, because the schedule is set and I have weekends off.                                   I dreaded working every single weekend and never being available to do fun things with my friends or go visit my family. My usual shift on weekends was 2 PM to 10 PM most of college, which is literally the entire day. Now I can be productive throughout the day and then make plans at night or relax. I finally feel like a real adult.

Not having to punch in is what is great. I felt so juvenile having to punch in and out at jobs.  Being monitored for 15 minute breaks and lunches for 7 years. The funny thing is that I am actually more on time now that I do not have to punch in. The self management and control is amazing. No persuasiveness or customer service just data entry and drafting and emailing documentation. I won’t reveal where I work, but I am an administrative assistant at a successful construction company. Although this job is very random and has absolutely nothing to do with my major, I am still very blessed. I get all the benefits (medical, 401 K, dental and vacation time) as well as the opportunity to get administrative experience. My resume is all over the place. It includes fast food experience, retail, supervisory experience, as well as technical experience at a radio station. The next step for me was definitely administrative. Although I dream everyday for a higher and better position this is merely a stepping stone.


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