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Reality TV: How Far Is Too Far?

Photo by Russell Ferrer on Unsplash I remember being younger and watching shows like The Real World, Big Brother and American Idol. These shows had real people with real issues and real talent. They weren't full of drama but were fun to watch, kept me entertained and didn't drain me from all the toxicity being… Continue reading Reality TV: How Far Is Too Far?

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The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice

How many of you have known that awkward black kid that was either in your neighborhood or school that always stood out the most but not in a good way? The kid that illustrated the typical stereotype of having glasses, dressing weird, running with their hands behind their back like anime characters. These kind of… Continue reading The Era of the Blerds: We Got the Juice

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Black Marriage: What Happened to Getting Married and Settling Down?

When I was growing up and going through puberty my mom noticed that I started having an interest in girls. I have this theory that you're not really black if you first started liking girls and the first things your mother told you wasn't , “Don’t bring no goddamn white girl up in my house.”… Continue reading Black Marriage: What Happened to Getting Married and Settling Down?


Being Called Ugly

A couple days ago I was informed that someone referred to me as "ugly." I was literally told this via text message and I literally dropped my phone after I read it. Now don't get me wrong, I have been called ugly before, but this one cut deep. The person who said it is somebody… Continue reading Being Called Ugly

Hidden Gems

I Remember That Song!

I Remember That Song is a new show that airs on KOFY TV Saturdays at 4PM. The show was created by Purple Cherry Productions and it is about bringing you hit songs from different genres and generations that will surely bring back memories! To get updates about this new hit show and get exclusive behind the… Continue reading I Remember That Song!


If Only I Could Cut People Off/ Was in Shape

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” ― Joel Osteen I am not in a good mood today. I honestly feel like some of the people around me are bringing me down. You know what that means... time to start cutting people off. I hate that it's hard… Continue reading If Only I Could Cut People Off/ Was in Shape


Wedding and Baby Fever -_-

Hello my loves, The long weekend is over and tomorrow we all return to reality. The reality of work and whatever other responsibilities you may have. My reality is that I have to go to the AT&T store and figure out my cellphone situation. I am never without a phone, so this weekend was annoying.… Continue reading Wedding and Baby Fever -_-