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It’s COLD and I’m SAD

S.A.D : what is it, how do I recognize it , and what can I do? Have you ever felt like during the winter times and colder months all of a sudden you become extremely sad? When the sun goes down earlier does it make you want to sleep more? Do you find yourself wanting… Continue reading It’s COLD and I’m SAD

My Life Be Like

My Battle with Postpartum

I became a mother at the age of 17. With my first son he was the light of my life and I was so consumed in him and nothing in the world mattered. He was the center of my universe so all of the outside noise of the world never really had a chance to… Continue reading My Battle with Postpartum


RTR: Realizing that I’m Jealous and Envious

Sad Girl “Nobody wants to be with a sad girl.” That’s what she told me. “You walk around looking miserable, that’s not going to attract anyone to you.” I tried to fix my face. I tried to make myself look happy like all the other girls. But it didn’t work. No matter how hard I… Continue reading RTR: Realizing that I’m Jealous and Envious

My Life Be Like


Splinters in my hands from opening the door so much. Letting you back in is a mistake I like choosing. It never matters how much my finger tips bleed in agony. Sharp pieces cutting at the palms of my hands as I slam it shut. My tears haven't dried yet. Footsteps creeping back upstairs to… Continue reading Splinters

My Life Be Like

Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman

Valentine's Day; a day of love, gifts and a ton of memes/quotes about how everyday should be Valentine's Day with your significant other. It has never been my favorite holiday and probably never will be when it comes to celebrating "love," and trust me, it's not because I'm single. Up until three years ago, I… Continue reading Valentine’s Day for The Single Woman


She’s Really Gone… 😢

She's really gone. My Granny... the woman I was named after... is gone... Sunday seemed like a regular day. I woke up, went to church, cleaned my house and went to chill with my friends. I didn't get to my friends house til 8PM and the plan was to chill for a couple hours then… Continue reading She’s Really Gone… 😢

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Season Two of Blue Collar Hustle Ends Powerfully

I was first exposed to the Blue Collar Hustle Web series earlier this year. Watching the series tremendous amount of growth has been an unforgettable experience. When I was informed that there won't be a season three, I can't deny I was a little sad. Season two had a fairy tale ending and left me… Continue reading Season Two of Blue Collar Hustle Ends Powerfully


In My Dark Times

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” ~Albert Einstein I am up at 2am. I am troubled right now and I have a lot on my mind. I could sit here and act like I'm perfect but I'm not and tonight is a rough night. I… Continue reading In My Dark Times


If Only I Could Cut People Off/ Was in Shape

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” ― Joel Osteen I am not in a good mood today. I honestly feel like some of the people around me are bringing me down. You know what that means... time to start cutting people off. I hate that it's hard… Continue reading If Only I Could Cut People Off/ Was in Shape


Another Sad Day #NoJusticeNoPeace

Hey guys! Today was a sad day... Another black man has been murdered. Alton Sterling from Baton Rouge was simply selling CD's (his usual task) outside of a liquor store (he had permission from the owner) and was shot seven times for "having a gun."The disgusting part about this murder is that Sterling's gun was… Continue reading Another Sad Day #NoJusticeNoPeace