Organized Chaos- Part 9: Tying Up Loose Ends

  Cherry saw dead red. She just found out the truth about Rasheeda. The man she loved was dead and it was all his sister’s fault. As she ran down the hallway trying to catch Rasheeda, the memories of DeWayne were flying through her mind at a rapid pace. From the first moment they met to the moment he stormed out of the apartment when she saw him alive last, Cherry was in pain. 

  Rasheeda made it to the elevator before Cherry was able to catch her, with the doors closing right before Cherry was able to get her hand in between the doors. Rasheeda breathed a sigh of relief as she cowered to the floor from what had just happened. The admission of guilt was the last thing she planned on doing at Cherry and DeWayne’s apartment, but the information was out there now and there wasn’t anything she could do at this point but try to escape Cherry and get back to her place before anyone got there. The elevator hit the bottom floor and she sprang out the elevator doors and ran out of the lobby of the apartment building.

  Cherry, missing her on the elevator, took the stairs right down the hallway and you would think she was a track star as she flew down the stairs, taking two and sometimes three steps at a time as she flew down six flights of stairs, but she was too late. The doors of the lobby were flying shut as she hit the lobby floor. Visibly upset, Cherry went back upstairs to gather herself for the plan of a lifetime. She knew Rasheeda didn’t drive and she had the keys to DeWayne’s car, so she had some time to get to her. Having the car and having Rasheeda’s address because of an event she attended there, Cherry had all the necessary information. She changed into her black sweats and black hoodie to be as inconspicuous as possible. She was out for blood and she had her bat with her as well. She knew she would get to Rasheeda’s apartment before her. Public transportation did not run that fast and Rasheeda could not get there on foot faster than her car.

“She better hope Johnathan gets to her before I do.”

Cherry then took the elevator to the lobby and ran to the car.

  While Cherry was racing to get Rasheeda, Johnathan was getting his own plan together at his apartment. He had the one body to get rid of, but he wanted to have one and possibly two to join them.

“I guess it’s time to make that call.”

  Johnathan frantically dialed a number on his phone and after two rings, the person on the other end picked up.

 “Hey. I need your help and this isn’t me asking. This is me telling you. I need you to help me tie up some loose ends.”

  Johnathan began to tell the mystery person the plan while he put on his black gloves and headed out the door with the gun Rasheeda brandished to kill the detective in his apartment. “Hopefully tonight ends this fiasco,” he said as he left to go to the car and make that drive to Rasheeda’s apartment, where he assumed Rasheeda had went.

  The race to Rasheeda was on. Who would get there first? Would it be Johnathan or would it be Cherry or would they both get there at the same time? Well, the answer to that question would be Cherry. She nearly drove on two wheels the entire way there. She got to Cherry’s apartment and of course, Rasheeda had not made it there just yet. With no way in the front door, Cherry took to the fire escape. It may have seemed dangerous for a pregnant woman to take the fire escape, but with how angry she was, she did not care.

“She must pay. She must die.”  

  When Cherry arrived at the appointed window, she took the baseball bat and busted the window, sending glass everywhere in the apartment. She then grabbed the handle and rose the empty window up in order to not get poked or stabbed by the glass. Once she climbed in, she propped herself behind Rasheeda’s door, waiting for her to come in.

  Rasheeda’s heart was pounding almost out her chest as she was on her way back to her apartment. Public transportation couldn’t move fast enough for her as she wanted to get in and get out and try to get out of town somehow. On the train ride home, she was replaying the things she had been involved in from the beginning: the shooting of Carolyn, the death of DeWayne, the dumping of bodies and the escape from death from the hands of Johnathan. Playing dead was one thing, but if she did not get back to her apartment and get out of town, she was going to be dead for real. Finally, the train stopped at her destination. She jumped out as soon as the doors opened and ran up the stairs to the street. The train stop was only a block from her home, but it seemed like ten blocks with some of the stress Rasheeda was under. She would eventually make it there and she was able to get herself up the stairs and to her apartment. Finally at home, she took a deep breath, knowing she had to get things done and get things done fast. She put in her key to turn the bolt lock and then put her key in to turn the other lock, turning the handle as she pushed in her door.

  Cherry, hiding behind Rasheeda’s door, sprung into action when she heard the door turning. She grabbed her bat and was ready to clock Rasheeda and beat her down for all the pain she caused. As soon as Rasheeda came in the door, she flipped the light switch and that was when she felt cold steel hit her right in the back of her head. Rasheeda fell to the floor like a sack of bricks. At that point, Cherry was ready to take her out. Cherry would lay into Rasheeda with the bat over and over and over again, all the while blood flying all over the place and into Cherry’s face. She must have hit her at least ten times before she threw the bat down in disgust. She had done what she came to do. She put Rasheeda out of her misery for all the pain she had endured because of her.

  Once she got all her anger out, Cherry looked around for things at Rasheeda’s apartment to clean up the bloody mess. She found a trash bag to put her body in, but Rasheeda’s body was too heavy for her. The only thing she could think on doing was taking the weapon with her and leaving the premises. After all, no one saw her enter the apartment anyway. And she also was going to leave the apartment the way she came out so no one even saw her leave. Cherry was getting ready to leave the apartment through the window when she heard someone coming down the hallway calling for Rasheeda.

“Rasheeda! I know you’re here. We need to talk.”

  Johnathan made it down the hallway to Rasheeda’s door, knocking hard on it over and over again. At the time, Johnathan was banging on the door, Cherry was scattering around in the room, trying to hide so she could surprise Johnathan with a bat upside his head. Johnathan continued to bang on the door, and then he tried to turn the handle. The door opened and of course, he was cautious, entering with his gun drawn. He entered the apartment and as soon as he got into the door, he was hit in the back of his head, knocking him to the floor unconscious.

  When Johnathan came back to, he realized he was tied to a chair with a woman in all black looking right at him.

“Remember me Johnathan?”

Johnathan did not recognize who was talking to him, but when Cherry pulled off the hood to reveal her blood-stained face, he surely knew who it was. Johnathan, at this point, was shocked to see Cherry, especially in her current state of mind.

“Cherry, baby, how have you been?”

 “I’ll be doing well in a few minutes when I finish you off. Killing you and Rasheeda has made today a good day. Two scumbags dead.”

  Cherry laughed with an evil grin as she brandished the gun Johnathan had when he entered the apartment. Johnathan closed his eyes as Cherry began to squeeze the trigger.   A loud shot rang through the apartment and Johnathan opened his eyes. He thought he was in the afterlife, but instead, he had Cherry’s dead body laying on him in the chair with blood covering his face


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