Organized Chaos- Part 3: Dead Wrong

  Bang! The shot rang loud and clear as Carolyn took in a bullet. She fell to the ground, and immediately the consciousness of her body began to fade. The white light got bright as she heard Johnathan sadly holding her and sobbing because she was dying. The end was there for Carolyn as her web of lies had her bleeding internally was leading her to the other side. Who would have thought this was coming a few months previously as she plotted her Bonnie and Clyde with Eric?

  Back when Carolyn first met Eric, she never thought sparks would fly. They were just friends. They would laugh together. Eric would tell her all his deepest pains as well as his deepest fears. He confided in Carolyn and she loved that he was so open with her. Somewhere along the way, feelings got involved and what started out as a friendship ended up in a physical relationship between friends. Eric would sneak away from work to be with Carolyn and Carolyn would do the same, making sure she got to see her “friend” on a regular basis. Both were married, but they did not care. The passion began to rise in their relationship and of course, so did the chances of them getting caught.

  The problem with Carolyn is she was having problems hiding her relationship with Eric from her husband Johnathan. She was never really in love with Johnathan and always thought of other men she was attracted to when she was with him. Johnathan, not knowing that, would think it was him that turned her on, but he was sadly mistaken. While she continued to look for a plan, one happened to fall in her lap when Johnathan came stumbling in drunk one morning. The plan was in the form of a woman’s name she found in Johnathan’s phone and her name was Rasheeda. Now normally she would not go through Johnathan’s phone, but she was wondering why he had been coming home at irregular times lately. When she saw Rasheeda’s name, her eyes lit up with glee. She had her plan to get rid of Johnathan and her dirty little secret with Eric would still be concealed.

  Carolyn took down the number of Rasheeda and waited for Johnathan to leave and then she called Rasheeda from a private number.

“Hello”, said Rasheeda in a nervous voice.

“This is Carolyn. I am suspecting you know my husband Johnathan.”

  Rasheeda dropped the phone in nervousness. She had been caught red-handed with someone else’s husband and the feeling did not feel good. While Rasheeda was still trying to gather herself, she was given a proposition on the phone.

 “What if I pay you to continue to sleep with my husband?”

  Rasheeda, surprised at what she just heard, wasn’t about to turn down the money Carolyn offered. Before Carolyn set up the plan though, she did also mention one other thing.

“When I divorce Johnathan, I will also write you another check for your services,” she said with a smile.

  Rasheeda was even more incentivized to keep Johnathan coming back for more and she definitely did so. She wasn’t doing the greatest financially and felt obligated to take the money and make a better way for herself. After all, the lounge wasn’t paying all the bills and she was barely getting by. As time went on, Rasheeda then realized she had the upper hand in this situation. She knew the plan. She knew what Carolyn had going on and wanted to make sure she capitalized on her opportunities. One check, two checks, three checks, four, Rasheeda was stacking Benjamins weekly thanks to Carolyn and she was forcing her to pay even more with each payment.

  So now Carolyn not only was cheating on her husband but losing money to Rasheeda because of her telling too much of her business to someone she did not know. Somehow this had to end and then Eric presented the plan to her. He was going to kill Johnathan so he could be with Carolyn and leave his wife.  Carolyn was not with the plan at first because she did not want him to die, but then she thought of the money she could get. Johnathan had a couple insurance policies that totaled to $3 million dollars. She could play the widow role and then collect these checks to start her new life.

  The plan was simple: get Johnathan to go out with her to the movies. The plan was good, but there was something that bothered Carolyn about it all: Eric knew she was in line to get some money and Rasheeda was owed some back pay. The honest truth was she loved money more than anything or anyone and she would do what she had to do in order to get it. Before she went on her date with Johnathan, Carolyn met up with Rasheeda at the lounge. She told Rasheeda the money train was over. She wasn’t giving her a cent more. Of course, Rasheeda threatened to tell on her to Johnathan about her plans.

“It would look mighty interesting if I went to the police and told them about you extorting me for money. I make a pretty convincing witness.”

  Rasheeda, not knowing how to react, just accepted defeat, as she walked away mumbling to herself, still upset at the comeback from Carolyn.

  Now with her meeting with Eric before the setup, she went over the plan with him and then Eric showed her the gun he was going to use. She smiled as she saw him walk away to the bathroom to adjust his clothing he was wearing for the setup. Carolyn took one look at Eric and knew it was going to be over soon and she would be laughing all the way to the bank with the money. She knew Eric did not have it in him to shoot anyone and suspected Johnathan would potentially shoot him with a masked Eric pulling a gun on him.

   Carolyn met up with Johnathan at home so they could attend the movies. She was nervous yet excited about the plan. In her mind, she thought this would be the last time she would see both Johnathan and Eric after this night. The movie went well, as she snuggled with Johnathan like she was trying to rekindle their love affair. And as they moved towards Johnathan’s vehicle, their eyes met and it looked like they were going to kiss.  That was just the moment a masked Eric sprung on the scene.

  Eric got Johnathan and Carolyn’s valuables and forced them down on their knees, but he could not pull the trigger when it came to shooting Johnathan. Of course, Eric was scared. He did not want to be known as a killer and had nothing against Johnathan really except he was with the love of his life. When the moment of truth arrived, Eric froze and could not pull the trigger. Shocked, Carolyn looked at Eric and before she could stop herself, she said what would end up being her last words.

“What are you waiting for?!!”

  Before she knew it, Eric and Johnathan were wrestling over the gun. Carolyn was hoping in her mind Eric or Johnathan would shoot each other in the heat of the battle, as Johnathan had his gun on hip. They wrestled and then a shot went off.

A piercing pain went through Carolyn’s body as she fell to the ground. She was shot and was down. Johnathan ran over to her and was crying as she faded away. One thing he did notice though, was the shot came from the back of her and not the front. The gun, which Eric believed shot her, laid on the ground and was jammed. Carolyn had a plan and it not only backfired but came with an unexpected shot to the back from out of nowhere.


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