Song Review: Thicke by Sapphyre Blu

Hip hop artist Sapphyre Blu recently released a new single called Thicke. The song is a summer anthem dedicated to all women, but especially those with the confidence of a true queen. According to Sapphyre, “This is for the THICKE and LOVELY.” The song is upbeat and has a vibe that will make any woman want to get up and twerk sum! The song is very inspirational and makes me upset that we are in a pandemic and I am unable to hear it in a club. Being in a culture where plastic bodies are praised and glorified, it is refreshing to have a song for natural bodied women with some meat on their bones.

As someone who is currently acclimating to some newfound quarantine weight, this song resonates and encouraged me to love the skin I’m in and not beat myself up for the extra pounds. My favorite part of the song is the chorus that states “You know they love me cause I’m thick, you bitches hate me cause I’m thick, his homie want me cause I’m thick.” In addition to this fire chorus, the 3:21 minute track includes two verses where Sapphyre continues to gracefully talk her shit.

Thicke has gotten over 8.5k plays on Spotify. It has received much positive feedback from social media as well as numerous play from many local DJ’s. To follow Sapphyre’s musical journey, make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her latest single Thicke available on Spotify and other streaming services now!


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