Dirty Change: Part 16-Tying Up a Few Things

Dirty Change 1

Detective Collins and Detective Porter were absolutely perplexed. All the things they went through and they had nothing to show. Mr. Nickel wasn’t going to see any of the charges for the killings, Secret was missing and there was nothing they could do about it. They had no leads at all.

“So is this how this ends?”

“I hope not Detective Collins.”

Both of them sat in the precinct thinking over things and wondering what was next. As they sat there, the looked over their whole wall of victims over the years. Immediately they both began to feel tears well up in their eyes.

“We have to get something for this. There is no way this can happen Detective Porter.”

“There is nothing we can do.”

“Yes there is.”

Detective Collins stormed out of the precinct after addressing Detective Porter.

“I hope she doesn’t do something crazy.”

Detective Porter went and got a cup of coffee, trying to deal with the reality he had just been levied with.

While Porter and Collins were shocked by the result, Mr. Nickel was sitting in a cell waiting for his transition to his mental facility. But before he was to head there, he got another visit from his lawyer, Mr. Dukakis.

“You happy with that decision?”

“Yes. Thank you for doing your job.”

“I don’t know how you did that.”

“How I did what?”

“You know you know what I mean but whatever. So, where is my payment?”


“Trust me. You will get your money.”

“I better. Because if I don’t get it, then we are going to have a problem.”

As soon as Mr. Dukakis said what he said, there was a cold breeze that came into the room. Mr. Dukakis tugged his coat a little tighter and ducked his head as he felt the breeze slowly bringing his body temperature down.

“You mind repeating that comment again Mr. Dukakis?”

As Mr. Dukakis looked up, he noticed a look on Mr. Nickel’s face that he did not like to see along with a hauntingly deep voice.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Too late for that now.”

“You aren’t really going to kill me here are you? There are too many witnesses. I know you see that guard over there right now.”

“You think I’m worried about that Dukakis. By the way, you really think you’re talking to Mr. Nickel still.”

A haunting laugh followed that and Dukakis was scared out of his mind.

“Please. Just let me go. I believe you.”

“Too late now.

Dirty Change had kicked in and he was ready to send Mr. Dukakis to his maker. As he moved towards Mr. Dukakis, he was seeing red. He moved across the room towards Mr. Dukakis and just as soon as he reached for him, Mr. Dukakis was pulled from the cell.

“You may want to stay away from that many. They didn’t deem him crazy for nothing.”

“Thanks man. You definitely did your job today.”

Mr. Dukakis walked out as Dirty Change was peeved in his cell.

“I’ll get him eventually. This isn’t over Dukakis!”

Dukakis got out of there as fast as he possibly could, jumping in his car and zooming out of there. He couldn’t get home fast enough, as he opened his apartment door threw down his briefcase and plopped down in his recliner.

“What a day!’

“Tell me about it.”

Dukakis jumped out of his chair, not knowing who was talking to him.

“Who’s there?!!”

“Someone you will wish you never saw.”

“Who are you??!!”

At that moment, a blades pierced his side.

“I’m  Secret.” she whispered in his ear.

Mr. Dukakis would fall down to the ground as he would look up and see a well-built woman standing over the top of him.

“Dirty thought I might have to tie up some lose ends.”

“What did I do?!!”

“They say loose lips sink ships. Well, time to sink your ship sir.”

Secret reached down and grabbed Mr. Dukakis’ hair, pulled his head back and slit his throat right there in his apartment. And just like that, she ran out of his apartment and got out of there as fast as she could, disappearing into the streets.

There on the floor lay Mr. Dukakis, bleeding from his side and his neck as he gasped for air. The breaths started slowing down more and more until they were done and he lay there, dead on the floor.

While Secret was leaving, there was someone that spotted her running down the street. She was carrying a knife in her hand and that prompted a call to 911.

“911. How can I help you?”

“Yes. I believe something has happened in the Cox Building over here. I saw a young woman running out with a knife in her hand.”

“We will have someone there immediately.”

Detective Porter got the call to go investigate and immediately went to the Cox Building. Once he got there, he got the breakdown of what they found.

“36 year old male found with his throat slip. Looks like he was stabbed in the side.”

As Detective Porter checked out the body, he noticed who the murdered person was.

“Dukakis must have pissed off the wrong person.”

While they were zipping up his body, Porter called Collins.

“Where are you? Meet me back at the office asap! Dukakis got murdered and they said they seen a young woman that looks like the woman who was with our boy running down the street with a knife. ”

“I’ll meet you right there.”

Collins hung up the phone, but she was lying to Porter. She wasn’t going to be right there because she was not taking things too well. The stress of what happened with Mr. Nickel and the ending to this case had led her to a bottle of vodka. After a few drinks, she was definitely feeling the buzz and felt it so much that she had nodded off after he drinks. It was only the call from Porter that woke her up. Porter didn’t suspect anything because she played it off as her waking up from a nap, but she was in no condition to drive let alone try to solve a murder.

After about thirty minutes, Collins was able to get herself together and get dressed. As she was headed out, she hopped in an Uber.

“Take me to the precinct.”

“Sure thing. Did you have yourself a private party or something and not bring any alcohol for me.” said the driver.

“Oh and stop me at the gas station for some gum.”

When Collins is pulling off, she is still trying to sober up from her drinking session, but she never notices that someone else is keeping up with her all along.

“This is going to be fun. Thanks for the mission Dirty. Until we meet again.”






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