Dirty Change: Part 10 – Situation Developing

Dirty Change 2

She knew she wasn’t supposed to feel this way but she did. Detective Collins was supposed to be working her plan, but instead she was falling for Mr. Nickel. His charm and demeanor along with other things that happened the night she stayed at his place had drawn her in.

“I’ve got to get to him.”

Detective Collins was thinking of the glove that was found at the scene of the crime. In the witnesses report, Detective Porter found someone that saw a woman wearing a hoodie that got into a silver 2015 Hyundai Sonata. The tags were recognized and were registered to the woman who was in Mr. Nickel’s house. Detective Collins was on to her and thought she may have solved the crime and absolved Mr. Nickel at the same time. However, here she sat with the man she was smitten over hosting the woman who may hold the key to the crimes.

Meanwhile in the house, Sandra dipped in her bag of groceries and pulled out some pasta, some marinara sauce and some different spices.

“You said you use to love my pasta. Well, consider this another apology to you.”

Mr. Nickel may have been feeling a way about Sandra, but he wasn’t going to turn down her cooking. As she took out the ingredients, he remembered the feelings her food brought to him, especially the feeling of sleepiness after he gorged himself, eating more than he should have.

“Maybe this should have been the first apology,” he said with a smile.

“Well this isn’t the only apology.”

As Sandra completed her last sentence, she dropped her coat to the floor to reveal a red lingerie that fit her in all the right places.

“Hopefully tonight you will leave some room for dessert?”

Mr. Nickel couldn’t help but check out Sandra as she cooked to perfection while filling his eyes with visual satisfaction. As much as he wanted dinner, he wanted her right then and there even more. As the night went on, you would have thought he never even slept with Detective Collins. She became a distant memory just as fast as she was thought and Sandra was in control yet again.

Sandra and Mr. Nickel inhaled their food as they were both ready for desert the moment Sandra dropped her coat.

“You done?”

“Meet you upstairs.”

They both raced upstairs with that last bite of food and got straight to the action. As they were getting it in, Detective Collins was still going over scenarios in her head. She was worried about Mr. Nickel. Did Sandra kill him? Was he needing her help to survive? As a couple hours went by, Detective Collins got more and more antsy in the car.

“Should I go in there? Should I stay in the car?”

Detective Collins debated this over and over again in her mind. She knew she had no backup if she went in and if things got dangerous, there would be no explanation for what she was thinking of doing. On the other hand, if she had been tailing Sandra and let her kill Mr. Nickel then she wouldn’t be able to live with herself. At that moment, she knew what she needed to do and what had to happen.

Detective Collins stepped out of the vehicle, raced to the door and knocked a couple times. She didn’t hear anyone walking towards the door so she knocked again.

“This is the police Mr. Nickel. Are you okay?”

As Detective Collins was about to kick in the door after no answer the second time, the door opened up.

“Hey Michaela.” said a obviously surprised Mr. Nickel.

“Just checking on you. We had a missing kid in the neighborhood and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“No need to worry about me. I’m okay.”

As Mr. Nickel was finishing his last sentence, the door swung open and revealed Sandra.

“We meet again Detective. What brings you this way?”

“Just checking on Mr. Nickel. We had a disturbance in the neighborhood after the murder at the bar and wanted to check to see if Cary was okay.”

“He is fine. I got him taken care of. Don’t make me handle you Michaela. That’s your name correct? I am sure the police department would love to hear about you showing up here tonight. I am sure they don’t know you are here.”

“Have a good night y’all.”

As Michaela turned around, here eyes met Mr. Nickel’s eyes and he could sense the pain in her eyes. As the door slammed shut, Sandra then looked at Mr. Nickel as to figure out what was going on.

“I don’t like that woman Cary.”

“I can tell.” Cary said with a little bit of a smirk.

“Don’t play with me Cary. I know something is up. The way she looked at you only means one thing…or does it mean… now you didn’t. You slept with her didn’t you?”


“I’m out. I cannot believe I apologized to you and even looked over you kissing that woman. I’m out of here.”

Mr. Nickel watched as Sandra quickly grabbed her things, got dressed and left the premises.

“What a last couple of days…” said a overwhelmed Mr. Nickel.

“Time to call it a night.”

Mr. Nickel headed straight to his bedroom to call it a night.

As Sandra was walking out to her car, she didn’t notice that Detective Collins was still keeping an eye on her from her car still. As Detective Collins fought back some tears, she still had a job to do. She had to find the killer and stop whoever was behind all the murders and disappearances in the city. Sandra pulled off and Detective Collins was right behind her, following her all the way to her home. Sandra walked on up to the door, sauntered in and then closed the door behind her. Michaela stayed to observe. She noticed Sandra turned no lights on at all once she entered the house and thought that was strange. Michaela sat there for a little bit longer and then decided to get out the car and see if she could lift some fingerprints from the vehicle. As she moved towards the vehicle, she thought she heard something in the background, but as she turned around, she saw nohing.

“I guess I spooked my own self.”

“You thought wrong.”

As soon as Michaela turned around to see who was talking to her, she felt the feeling of a gun barrel hitting her right across her head and knocking her out cold.







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