DBC Vol 2: Baboon Vs Chameleon


This specific issue of Dope Boy Chronicles will be a little bit different then what you are normally used to. Typically for this series, I have been comparing drug dealer tactics that many people in the business field have been using since the beginning of time and have seemed to understand. Friends of mine that are not from the same background as me who decided to help me get a better understanding of business thought that they had been teaching me something new when they weren’t. However, in this episode I will be sharing with you one of the lessons that I was able to share with my friends. This lesson was very interesting because it seemed like it was racially driven but understandable in why it happened. I’m not trying to justify any type of prejudice but sometimes if the shoe fits don’t act like it doesn’t fit; admit it and move on. Before this starts taking a drastic turn off topic, let’s simply dive into today’s lesson.

During these lessons from my friends, I finally started to apply that knowledge and make some very good returns on my investments. Once my friends started seeing that as well, they wanted to make sure that I was making the right moves with my money, so one day they decided to sit down and have a conversation with me. They were saying that now that I was making good money, I need to make sure that I don’t engage in reckless management of my money. Examples of this was making sure that I don’t buy items such as gold teeth, Gucci belts, and a brand-new car. I had to explain to them that it seemed as if I was targeted, because I was the only black man that they seemed to be doing business with. Luckily, we were all open to having a conversation and they openly said that it seemed like a cultural thing. I agreed with them and confirmed this is somewhat true in my culture, but not everyone in my culture has the same thinking process. When asked how I learned to have this type of mindset I simply told them Baboons vs Chameleons. They looked at me confused and I asked if anyone has ever told them the Baboon vs Chameleon story and I soon learned that this was not something that is commonly taught.

The story of the Baboon and the Chameleon was a story that my uncle told me when he would give me money and question what I would spend it on. LOL just follow me for a moment, trust me, this is all going to make sense. Now we’ve all seen bamboos at the zoo, national geographic, wherever you’ve seen a bamboo. So what can you tell me about bamboos? They have a large red back side, they can be loud and they might throw food, shit, anything at you if they get upset. Now tell me, what do you know about the animals called the chameleons? Besides the way that their eyes move around and the way that they can camouflage, what else do you know about the chameleon? Nothing. Chameleons are so good at disguising themselves and mastering the concept of minding their own business, no one knows their business. My uncle told me that we should all try to mimic the nature of the chameleon instead of those who mimic the baboon. The baboon is always noticed, shows its ass and no one honestly likes to be around it. But the chameleon on the other hand is always around. You just haven’t noticed it due to the fact that the chameleon has learned to camouflage and not be noticed. You may think that I’m crazy, because I’m literally telling you that you should learn financial management by learning to move like animals, but if it works why not simply use it? Business itself is a jungle. There are prey and predators in the business, so simply make sure that you are not the prey.


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