Wonderland: Part 7- The Confrontation

Lacey Wonderland

“Oh. Hello Lacey. We were just saying goodbye.”

Brian had all kind of emotions going through his mind at this time. He didn’t think he was going to see Lacey again, but here she stood. And not only was she standing there in front of him, but she was angry.

“Charlotte, this shovel has your name on it. I’ve owed you this whooping for a while.”

At this point, she had enough of Charlotte. All the anger Lacey had from when they were in college to now could all be taken out on her with just a few swings of the shovel.

Lacey lunged at Charlotte, but before she could get to Charlotte and get a good swing of the shovel at her, Brian was able to get a hold of her and keep her in his grasp enough for Charlotte to get in her car. Charlotte ran to her car, hopped in and peeled out in her vehicle. As she pulled off, she looked in the rearview mirror and smiled. She knew she had flipped the script and now she was looking like the innocent woman in this whole scenario.

As Charlotte was pulling off, Brian’s attention was fully on Lacey now. He had made sure Charlotte was gone before addressing Lacey as to what was happening.

“We just ate breakfast and she apologized for what happened. But since you are getting angry about me and Charlotte eating breakfast, I got a question for you. I thought you weren’t coming back. What are you doing here?”

“I was coming back to tell you why I said that. Can we go inside now? I don’t want the neighborhood hearing our business. They probably think I am a little crazy out here with this shovel in my hand. Please, come inside and let me tell you everything.”

Lacey’s heart was beating hard in her chest at this point. She knew by telling him everything there was a chance Brian would get angry, but that was a chance she was going to have to take. She loved Brian and she did not want to lose him. As they went inside, Brian could see Lacey seemingly in deep thought, as she was getting ready to tell him some news. In his mind, he was as confused as could be. Charlotte being nice to him after the incident at her house, Lacey leaving in the middle of the night, and then her calling and saying she wasn’t coming back. He had experienced a lot along with trying to figure out how he got to this alternate reality and he just did not know how much more he could take.  As he closed the door, Lacey began to take her crack at explaining at least some of what was going on.

“I know you were not expecting to see me here when you showed back up. For that, I have to explain. Charlotte is the reason for that Brian. She and her husband Billy set me up. See it all started when he employed me a while back for an event and then he asked me to meet him for business afterwards at a secret location.”

At this point, you could see Brian’s facial expressions starting to change from listening to a little bit of anger. Even with that, Lacey soldiered on with telling him what happened and she knew the next part of this story would anger him even more.

“Brian, I don’t know what happened while I was there but I woke up in bed with Billy. I swear to you Brian. I did not plan for that nor did I want that to happen. I even felt like Billy may have had something to do with me ending up there. I cannot probe it but I think I was drugged that night and ended up in his bed. Some pictures were apparently taken of me and he held that over my head along with potential ruin of me and my business to make me continue to sleep with him. I did not want to do it, but I didn’t want my reputation ruined either.”

As this point, you could see the steam coming from Brian’s head and although he was listening, his anger was beginning to have him see red. Yet through that, Lacey continued to tell what happened.

“I knew Charlotte was his wife and that she was the one who shorted you, so I went to address him about it and then I saw them together an they admitted to setting this up as an elaborate scheme to make me look bad in your eyes so Charlotte could get you back. They aren’t even really a married couple. They told me that I had to leave the city and you and I should have told you from the beginning, but I didn’t know how to tell you baby. I am sorry. I was able to escape Billy’s grasp tonight and get back to you. He has been here to the apartment looking for me and we cannot stay here either.  Can you please forgive me for putting you in this scenario?”

Brian had heard enough. He was in dead silence from the entire scenario he had heard while Lacey had tears streaming down here face from the emotional story she just told him.

“So let me get this right. You did an event with Billy, he asks you to meet up with him afterwards at a secret location for ‘just business’ and you all end up sleeping together, albeit you don’t remember how it happened or what happened for you all to get to that part. You sleep with him some more because he is blackmailing you and then you find out that he and Charlotte put this whole scheme together, they aren’t really a married couple and that you had been set up from the time you met Billy?”

Lacey nodded her head in agreement with what Brian repeated back to her.

“After hearing all that Lacey, there is only one thing to do. ”

Brian began to go to his room and pack his clothes in a suitcase. Lacey, knowing they had to leave their home, started packing her things as well. Brian had not said much after hearing the scenario, so she had no idea which way he was leaning in his response to her story.  In her mind, she was hoping he was going to believe her, but she could not be certain. As she fought through her tears, she continued to pack until she had everything she needed to leave and met Brian at the front door.

“Again baby, I am sorry I even put you in this situation. Where are we going so we can talk some more about it. I know you are upset.”

“Lacey, I am going to an undisclosed location. I don’t know where you’re going, but if you expect me to believe all that story then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t want to be around you right now. Matter of fact, go be with Billy since you slept with him so many times and didn’t tell me about it until now. And yeah, that excuse about blackmail and the first time you landed in his bad being something you don’t remember happening is total crap. Have a good life Lacey. I am done.”

Brian bolted out the door, hopped in his truck and floored it as he drove off into the Atlanta streets. As for Lacey, things just got even worse.








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