Wonderland: Part 6- The Script Is Flipped

Lacey Wonderland

“I have to get back home to Brian. He is probably confused as to what I told him.”

Lacey was racing through the streets of Atlanta trying to make it back home. The damage had been done by Billy and Charlotte, but she was hoping she could catch him before anything drastic happened.

“I hope he can forgive me. I hope he lets me tell him the whole truth. I love him so much.”

Lacey was going through all the scenarios as she pulled into a parking spot and noticed Brian’s truck was not there. She walked in to notice there was paperwork everywhere in the house. Then she noticed one thing: he had found the address to where she worked. Lacey immediately turned around and left the apartment, heading towards her office.

As Lacey was pulling off, Brian and Charlotte were finishing their conversation.

“I have to admit something to you Brian. I was still feeling some type of way about what happened in college when I saw you at my house. I knew I was shorting you money. And I also want to apologize for that. All these years I wanted you still and then I saw you and the anger came back.”

“But didn’t you get married Charlotte?”

“I did, but I really wanted you this whole time. I honestly could walk away from him right now and have no regrets about it.”

At that point, Brian began to remember all the good times he and Charlotte used to have back when they were together. Despite the jealous fits, he remembered a woman that could be sweet, endearing and passionate towards him and in his weakened state, he could not resist the attention she was showing him and the remorse she was showing as well. He had gotten so comfortable talking to his past love that he admitted to her why he was even there at the Waffle House.

“Lacey left me last night Charlotte.”

Brian dropped his head in disbelief as he was still astonished that Lacey would leave him like that.

“Well, what happened?”

“She just called me and told me that it was over.”

“I always knew she was like that. I knew I had my bad moments in trying to get back at her but this is low and indicative of her. I am glad you finally saw the real Lacey.”

Brian shook his head in agreement, took a sip of his coffee and then grabbed Charlotte’s hand.

“Well I am glad that I finally saw her for what she was and that you are here. So who is this character that you are married to Charlotte?”

As Charlotte and Brian continued to rekindle things, Lacey finally pulled up to her office. She went up to the floor of her office and go out, only to see paperwork all over the floor. It was as if a hurricane hit her office.

“Billy’s been here,” she said as she looked at the rampage.

“I’m just going to have to come back and clean this up later.”

Lacey noticed Billy did not take any of his clothes with him when she was at home, so she headed back to the house, hoping that he would come back home and that she could explain herself.

Once Lacey made it home, she noticed the door was open to her house. At that point, she knew Billy was looking high and low for her. Thankfully, Billy’s car was not there, so she knew he was still on the hunt for her.  Lacey, knowing it had been a long night, decided to stop and get her something to eat. The last place Billy would look for her would be the Waffle House.

Lacey was thinking about how she was going to explain the door being ajar to Brian as she was driving over when she pulled up and noticed something she did not expect.

“What is Charlotte doing with my man?”

Lacey started to get out of the vehicle and confront them both, but that would mean she had to tell everything that she had done and she was not quite ready for that. So she sat in her vehicle observing the two.

“So, where did this Billy character come from?”

“Well, that’s a long story. But he and my dad ended up being good friends.”

“How is your Dad Charlotte?”

“He is well off into retirement and living the good life actually. Maybe you will see him again someday.”

“It would be good to catch up with him. It was good to catch up with you. Would you like to meet up again sometime?”

“Sure, take down my number.”

Brian gave Charlotte his number and Charlotte took down Brian’s number. They then stood up, shared a hug and left the table.

“Don’t worry about the bill Brian. I got that covered. It’s the least I can do for what happened the other day.”

Brian, looking confused, accepted her paying for it but he then wondered did Charlotte know he had already gotten the money back. He then sat in his truck for a minute, thinking on what had just happened. And as he was waiting, he saw Charlotte hop in her vehicle and pull off. As he watched her pull off, he then cracked a smile, started up his vehicle.

As Brian was sitting there in a daze as to what happened, Lacey was pulling off and driving back to their house to hopefully meet Brian back at the house.

Brian, as he sat in the vehicle, called Charlotte before she even got too far.

“You want to come by and talk some more Charlotte? Not even sure where Lacey is and I need someone to talk to.

“Sure. Shoot me your address.”

Brian text her the address and then headed home to meet Charlotte there for some more attention. As he pulled up, he noticed Lacey’s vehicle was there and as soon as he was about to call Charlotte to tell her to not come, she pulled up.

“This is a nice spot.”

“Glad you like it but you cannot come in. Lacey is here.”

“What do you mean Lacey is here?”

Charlotte’s jaw got tight along with her right hand in a fist.

“Please leave. I don’t want any problems today.”

“But, but, but…”

Please leave before she sees you.”

Brian had not noticed that Lacey had been coming from behind the house when he and Charlotte was talking.  And as Brian was trying to get rid of Charlotte, they both heard a voice.

“Am I interrupting something?” said Lacey with a shovel in her hand and bad intentions on her mind.


2 thoughts on “Wonderland: Part 6- The Script Is Flipped

  1. If she doesn’t swing that shovel in Charlotte’s direction I’m hopping in this story and swinging it for her! 😂

    I’m thinking Charlotte is gonna use some crafty wording to get out of this clean and leave Brian looking like the bad guy. I feel like he was drugged by Charlotte at the beginning of the story. She’s behind all this sorcery, I can feel lit!


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