If one more person tries to flirt with me after we talk business I think I’m going to pass out. Like seriously, I’m exhausted!!! I’m a business woman and my business does not include front row seats to a date with me, like for goodness sake.

One time this Indian guy starts talking to me in the line of In n Out… my favorite place. We had great conversation…we start talking about how in India everyone is business owners and entrepreneurial so I tell him a little about what I do, he asks for more info, I whip out the phone and we exchange numbers. 99% of all of my prior meetings with men end in them wanting to take me to dinner, so I make the call and then pass them on to one of my business partners. He loves the info but says “I’m not interested in this right now, I’m just interested in you” like okay? Did I not make myself CLEAR!!! I put on my best skills to no avail and he offers for me to come over and eat egg curry. Therefore, I delete his number.

This Mongolian guy asks if anyone is sitting next to me at Chipotle. I had just finished up a meeting with a client in Millbrae and was alone so obviously the answer was no. He sits down and we’re making small talk, he starts opening up to me about his life and all the different ways America is different from Mongolia and Russia (he lived there for a few years). Long story short, he’s studying international business, wants to own a business but doesn’t have the capital, speaks three languages, and currently is working a job he hates. So what do I do? Offer him an opportunity to change that. He loves the idea and we exchange numbers. Immediately he texts me “I like you” mind you an ex male friend of mine pointed out to me that I need to be nice to people but NEVER friendly with men and I took that to heart, so I know I didn’t flirt with dude. I politely reminded him why we exchanged numbers in the first place and he politely reminded me he was just trying to have some fun and show me what it was like to be with a Mongolian.

Another Filipino guy stopped me at a gas station getting quarters for laundry.  He asked me what the logo on my button up was. I explained to him it was for my business and we get to talking. He tells me ALLLL of his business. He starts trying to flex about the different pro football players he knows, and how he owns these different businesses and properties. I congratulate him on his success but make it clear he’s not impressing me. I ask if he has a card cause I need to head out and we exchange cards. When I finally get around to calling him he asks to take me to drinks.

People keep telling me “With a smile like yours you should already have made x amount of dollars in the last year “ or “you should have 100s of men following you” and to be honest with y’all, to me that’s so insulting. It’s almost like insinuating I need to waste my time with dudes I have ZERO interest in and who have ZERO interest in learning about my business until I find the few that actually will listen to what I have to say. Like no, my time is worth WAY more than that !

I shouldn’t say the next time it happens ima pass out because it’ll probably happen again in the next 24-72 hours, but I’m exhausted. I’m far from the finest thing walking, but I really wonder, is it this hard for ugly business women?


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